Thursday, April 2, 2009

"You this?"

Today Kayla, Ivy, and I went to Georgetown to visit Ashley and Brayden. We are 3 teachers who are very much enjoying spring break! I was so glad I brought my camera because I have been forgetting it this week on our other adventures. Brayden was having a hard morning because of some tummy/teething issues.... they always go hand in hand don't they!! This makes it hard for Mommy! Ivy was so concerned about Brayden. She tried to show him toys and his juice, but most importantly she just wanted him to take his paci. She tried multiple types of paci's, even a special teething one. Brayden probably wanted to say: "Seriously, girl, I DO NOT WANT A PACI.... at all...!!!!" But he was sweet and gently pushed her hand away upon each offer. Ivy finally got him when he was down for diaper duty!

Ivy's Thoughts:

"Seriously, Brayden, if you are sad this ba-ha-bah will make you feel so much better. I love all of my ba-ha-bahs (by the way that is what I call my paci's) and my mom tries to make me leave it in the crib. You should suck the daylights out of your paci for as long as you can because when you get a little bigger your mommy might try to limit it. I have even heard other mommy's taking it away all together!!!! Isn't that crazy! Please, Baby Brayden, I would love to see you with your ba-ha-bah, it would make you feel so happy!"

Ivy was determined. She followed him around and said "you this?" over and over. She was certain that it would make him feel better. After lunch Brayden seemed to be in better spirits. They were chasing each other around. It is going to be so fun to see them grow up together. Before long the 10 month difference will be lost in the past.... it seems like every time we get together they interact more and more. Ivy loves babies- maybe soon there will be more little ones in our house!!! (Right, honey!)


  1. How funny :) She knows what makes babies feel better!

  2. She already has that motherly wisdom! I love her outfit by the way.

  3. I love the Ivy interpretation. That is totally what Gabby would say. Gabby has been trying to sneak hers out of crib lately. She is getting the four pointy teeth in at the same time, so I do feel kind of sorry for her.


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