Thursday, April 30, 2009

A New Car

On Monday, Ivy fell in love with all of the toy cars at her babysitter's house. I had to pry her little fingers off of the steering wheel the same way we peel each little hand off of me in the mornings. I am so thankful that she was having a great time, but it would put it mildly to say that she was overly "passionate" (right, Diana??) about these cars. So we got home, still sad about leaving the cars behind and Nana came over. She immediately started rattling off all the details about these cars and saying "Ivy car, Ivy car, Ivy car!"- implying that she wanted her own car. Well, Nana thought this was a must so yesterday Ivy and I got home to a toy car.... well kind of.
You see, the toy cars don't come assembled and Daddy wasn't home just yet. Ivy was satisfied looking at the box, not really realizing that the pictures told what was inside. She even pointed out to Daddy that Nana's box was outside when he got home. Upon opening the box she realized that the insides contained all the parts- lights, eyes, steering wheel, etc- that are used to build a car. After many fits (sorry no photos!!) Ivy was able to sit inside the car while Daddy put it together. This made it a little difficult but definitely easier on the ears and on the neighbors than the shrieking cries that took place as she waited for the car. We took walks, played babies, read books, but no distraction could take away from the fact that she was going to have her own car!

Daddy putting on the roof.

Daddy screwing everything in place
(You love the orange monster truck in the background-don't you!!)

Ivy is off and very happy :)
So excited to be cruising around in her new car!

Thanks Nana for some fun times last night and many more to come!!


  1. What a big girl in her car!! We've been talking about getting one of these cars for Bailey, she's never even seen one!

  2. hahaha i can imagine her going on a rampage because her car is sitting out there getting put together and she can't touch it yet.

  3. That is too funny! Lori's neighbors have a little car and Kaylan fell in love with it right away. We'll have to get one for her, too. Such cute girlies we have!

  4. So fun! I loved that car when I was little! My brother and I had so many good memories riding it :) Enjoy Ivy!


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