Friday, April 10, 2009

Cell Phone Emergency

This is my lovely phone. I got it in December and it was HUGE upgrade from my old Nextel. I have loved it every moment. We don't have a house phone so it is my only means (minus email) of communication. I take great care of it and Ivy isn't aloud to touch it- unless it is without our knowledge. We try to keep it out of her reach. All in all my cell phone has not been exposed to any damaging conditions.

However, about a week ago people starting telling me they couldn't hear me. It was driving me crazy. I tried holding my phone different, talking on volume 10, and turning off background noise when I could control it. Yesterday I took it to AT&T and they decided in 0.2 seconds, after removing the back to see a BRIGHT RED dot, that it had water damage. Apparently, they have a sensor so they know if it has water damage and you can't tell them that is not what it is. After nearly crying in the store knowing that it has not been exposed to any water... this is what I was told.

"Some phones are sensitive and even having them in the bathroom with you while you shower could cause moisture damage from steam."

Well, hello- people,that would be nice to know before my beloved phone spent the past 90+ days in the bathroom with me while I have showered. I am certain that this is what caused the damage and please know this for you--- don't let your phone get damaged by steam and have the cell phone people looking at you like you have dropped your phone in the toilet!!!

This is where you can help me!!! I love going to the blogging world for help and advice. I can't replace my phone or get any phone through AT&T for less that $180.... and I can't spend that when my phone is a young 3 months old. I don't have insurance because my phone doesn't participate in risky behaviors like swimming and riding roller coasters (cough, cough, Anthony!). These are the choices I have:

a. I could rock a blue tooth, which I can barely say without cracking up!!! Seriously, can you see me (part time teacher, stay at home mommy) feeling so important that I need a blue tooth. If I did this I would no longer be able to talk on the phone in public- only the confines of a dark closet so no one could see me. bah-hahahaha!!! I am laughing at the sight of me in the closet and only the light of the blue tooth.

b. I could use a service like wirefly. They offer my exact phone for free for extending your AT&T contract. Is this credible? Has anyone used them or another source like this? I feel like this is my only option but I don't want to be jipped. I have no problem extending my contract with them so it sounds good but maybe I am missing something.

Now seriously, stop making fun of me with a blue tooth and help me find a new phone! What is a girl to do with no cellular?

One of the negatives of living in the techy generation is all the expensive stuff that can break, read the post below to see a cute pic and funny story of a baby living in a technology infused world!


  1. You can buy one off ebay for far less than $180, it may not be as fancy. But it will work until you can get a new one from at & t. Just make sure it is "unlocked" you can put your SIM card it and it works!

  2. I don't have much advice. I am on my second or third phone because of water damage. But, my phone was dropped in a kiddie pool by ava and the toilet:) Thankfully I have insurance. I had no idea about the shower! I always take mine in the bathroom!

    Are you missing facebook?

  3. Yes... we've done Ebay too when Kermie looses his !!! The only thing is that they aren't always in the best condition.

  4. We have gotten a few phones from ebay or craigslist and it's worked out great for us. you can usually find one that's your same network and then all you need to do is pop in your sim card! since they're used it may have some dings here and there but it's a good temporary solution until you can afford a new one!

    Good luck!

  5. I have an old Razor phone that I would be more than happy to give you. I just have to make sure I can find the charger for it. Let me know if you're interested.

  6. I had no idea about the shower thing! Bummer. I dropped my phone in the tub the night before I had Bode. I hate needing to get a new phone. Such a pain.

  7. Don't go through wirefly. They are a scam. And more than likely you can only get the free phone if your eligible with att for an upgrade which by the sounds of it your not. Go to craigslist or ebay.


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