Friday, May 29, 2009

Who Is Niko?

Is this Niko?

How about this.... could this be Niko?

Or are one of these kiddos Niko?

Your guess is as good as mine.
We have no idea who Niko is- but we are thinking that Niko may be a new "friend"- if you will- of Ivy's. Ivy started talking about Niko on Wednesday night when she was going to bed. She just mentioned that she was holding Niko and that was it. We didn't think much- didn't even stop to say "WHO?"-- just went about our business putting Ivy to bed. Then on Thursday morning, Greg got Ivy up and she babbled about Niko for a good 5 minutes- playing with Niko, sleeping Niko, Niko this.... Niko that.... At that point Greg told me- hey, Ivy woke up talking about the neighbor's dog. That is when I said- who? This neighbor, is a neighbor of my parent's- who's dog's name is Kiko and Ivy doesn't know Kiko??? Again, we dismissed the idea of Niko until nap time rolled around.....

Ivy and Niko did not want to sleep. Ivy told me repeatedly that Niko wants to "pay" and "weed books." It took her close to an hour to go to sleep and for you all who know Ivy- this is not normal. At this point I started asking about Niko- who is this Niko who thinks we don't need a nap??? She pointed around the room at Niko as he played by the door, in the chair, and in her bed. I asked about what Niko looked like and how she knew Niko- to only get a BIG, CHEESY grin! She is in love with this fella, Niko! Yesterday evening, Niko took a trip to Nana and Pops house with Ivy. At this point, we still have no recollection of anyone we know who's name resembles Niko's. Well, she went smoothly to bed last night so we thought Niko may have gone home. Until today.....

As we listened to our music on loud mode in the car I was informed that "Niko dancing!" He also has joined us on a walk and eaten lunch with us. Niko likes books. But today Niko and Ivy are tired and they quickly fell fast asleep. Thank goodness for a tired Ivy and "friend"..... whoever that friend may be???

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pooper Scooper

Ivy enjoyed her first dip in the pool this weekend. Within minutes she decided she did not need a swimming suit and started shedding its parts! She wanted to be free- that is when our privacy fenced yard will come in handy.... until then we apologize to the residents of Outrider Way.

Ivy and Daddy playing "Hokey Pokey"- Ivy donning only her bottoms!


Minutes after shedding the top she decided that the bottoms need to come off too. She continued playing and squealing that she was a "Nakey girl!" After a few minutes her mood started to change. She was doing some weird things with her tummy. We thought she was holding her pee- it is a new thing that she has been doing. It makes me a nervous wreck because I know it can lead to a bladder infection. So she would suck in her tummy and stand still and then she would splash and play in her birthday suit like all was well!

Ivy watering the grass with her cute little bare bottom exposed!


Then things really went down hill in the Smorstad yard. Ivy totally froze and said she needed to go potty. I went to take her out of the pool and she stiffened like a statue. When I sat her down in the yard and started walking toward the deck she did the unthinkable....


I kept thinking- No, she didn't just do that! Then she followed by telling me she pooped on the potty. Not quite, girlfriend! Better luck next time.

At that point, Daddy became the old fashioned "pooper scooper!" I took this picture while doubled over with laughter. I thought it was absolutely hysterical.... but I must say I hope (for Greg's sake) that this never happens again!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Visit to PapaMeema's

Ivy was so worried about her PapaMeema after not seeing them for a week or so. She continued to ask if they were sick~ so sweet. It is so clear the importance of family on a little girl her age. PapaMeema (formerly Pawpaw and Meemaw- now both of them simply called the one word) were able to come to our house and watch Ivy on Friday evening so that Mommy and Daddy could go on a date celebrating Nick and Greg being out of school and having jobs! Woo-hoo :) Then on Saturday we went to their house to visit and eat dinner. Ivy had a blast being outside and loving on the animals. It was great to see Greg's parents and share our exciting house news. Ivy had so much fun loving on her PapaMeema- both of them that is!

Looking for bugs with Papa

Safe from the big dogs in Meema's garden

Daddy and Ivy saying "cheese" with big dog, Garcia.

Ivy's excited to enjoy Meema's fresh veggies!

Loving on the kitty- Josten! Ivy was in shock that she could actually love on the cat without her running away. Our girl would LOVE to have a friendly cat, but our Kaya is not up for it!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our House

This morning we signed the final contract on our house. We are so excited to start this journey in our life! We feel like God has blessed us with His wisdom and His direction during this process, and for that we are thankful. We continue to put all of this house hunt and final move in His hands. If this is where God wants us to be, it is where we will be :) The house is in Nicholasville, fairly close to both my work and Ivy's babysitter. It is in a neighborhood called West Place for those of you familiar with the Jessamine County area. The scheduled closing date is June 22nd~ We can't wait!
ps~ When we go to the house we will take a new picture with all of it's summer loveliness!! This is the one posted from this winter on LBAR and it's kind of a drab winter in KY type of pic- blah.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Mommy's Nap

Raising an almost 2 year old is tiring at times.... and sometimes Mommy is the one who needs a nap. Greg was trying to take a picture of Ivy soothing Mommy during nap time (YEA RIGHT!!! I hate my hair brushed). However, our camera was on the video setting- so this is what he got.

She is completely satisfied with the result of her soothing.... "Wake up, Mommy!"
And yes, Mommy is all smiles too- the power nap did it's job!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fever Virus

Our poor girl has a fever virus... whatever that is??? All I know is they had to do a throat swab (ouch!), cath her for a urine culture (even more ouch!), and last blood work (ouch, ouch, ouch!).... all to determine it is a virus. Not fun! Now we are playing the waiting game. Rest, Tylenol, and fluids and waiting for our chipper girl to return.
Sweet Ivy, please feel better soon!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Anthony's Graduation

On Saturday, we went to Cincinnati to see my brother walk graduation and then we had a little party with Chelsea's family afterwards. Including Anthony, Chelsea's family had 4 people graduating from CCU. When they asked for alumni to stand up to be recognized during the ceremony .... I swear Chelsea's whole family stood up! We are thankful for their love of Cincinnati Christian University. Because of that they forced Chelsea to go there for one year, knowing she would not choose a major at that school. In that time Anthony and her met, fell quickly in love, and wah-lah I gained an amazing sister in law. It is all part of God's plan! Anyways, here are some photos capturing the day!

Very dark- but this is Anthony giving his valid-dictorian (I do not know how to pronouce or spell this- but you get the point) speech! Yep, he's basically a genius and for this I am very thankful that I came first as to not be compared to him!

My parents so proud of their graduate!

Unc and Ivy (with a very rotten face!)

Ivy adoring Baby Lila- with her precious painted toes. She was so excited to "hold" the baby.

The whole fam~ A couple things I must point out:
a. Chelsea and I are wearing matching prints... great minds think alike!
b. Greg and I are VERY SHORT!
c. Ivy is still showing her very rotten face!

The three-some! hahaha - that is just for you, Chelsea!

All of Unc and Esie's neices and nephews!

Dad and Anthony in deep laughter... what is wrong with this picture?
They are standing on a huge clif with my child.... Don't think so!

Ivy with her Pops and Unc!

The lovely graduate and his bride!

Mommy and Ivy (again, notice the face!)

Ivy's Talent

When Ivy tries out for Miss America someday this will be her talent..... She sure is a classy girl! To give you a little background- this is a talent that my mom and I discovered while eating lunch at Subway. Ivy simply stood up in the booth and wah-lah, she put on a show for all who were watching.

Please forgive Ivy for her bout of 2 year old attitude that she shows at the end of the video. I believe we are just hitting the rotten 2's!! But hey, we love it all the good, the sweet, and the (at times) downright ugly.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

To my Momma,
Happy Mother's Day! I have learned from the greatest to be joyful always, give thanks continuously, and love with all of my heart. Thank you for being an amazing mom and best friend. Thank you for being Ivy's "MyNana" and for caring about Greg like he is your own son. I love you!
~ Sarah


To my Ivy:

I am so thankful to be your mommy. I couldn't have picked a better job. You are a sweet girl with lots of spunk! I have so much fun seeing life through your eyes... always ready to discover new things and appreciating little things along the way. I am so thankful that God blessed me with your precious life. I love you, little Ivygirl!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Farewell to Friends!

Greg, Aaron, and Jake exhausted from putting in LONG hours for their last week of school!
This week we had a farewell dinner with some of Greg's great friends and their fiances. I don't know if you know anyone in the landscape architecture, architecture, and/or interior design programs at UK but they put in VERY long hours for a class called studio for 5 years. Aaron, Jake, and Greg have probably spent more time together in the last four years than they have spent with their own families. They are all so excited to be out of school but they will miss all the time they had with one another. We were sad as we said farewell to Jake and his fiance (almost wife), Megan. They are moving to Minnesota this week. But they have good things coming: a wedding, a new job, and a new house! Greg is so thankful that Aaron will be staying in Lexington for the time being, and all the boys will be together again for Aaron and Erica's wedding this July. I am thankful that Greg met such good guys at UK and I know they have formed life long friendships!

To Greg, Jake, and Aaron:
You all did it.... you are finally finished!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Swimming Ready!

Today to beat the ugliness of the rain, Ivy and I pretended it was a gorgeous summer day! With that we decided to try on her bathing suits from Meemaw and Nana. We loved them both. Ivy continued to screech "Go swimming!"~ while she ran around doing her arms in a swimming motion. She was pretty heartbroken to take off the swimsuits and put on a long sleeved shirt. But before long, those summer days will be here and we will be ready!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pizza & Popsicles

Last night we went to Georgetown to visit the Becketts. Ivy had been talking about going to see Baby "Bayden" all day and she was quite shocked to see that he wasn't too much smaller than her. He could toddle, jabber, and play with his own toys! At first Ivy wasn't sure about this but once she warmed up they had a great time. They played, hugged, ate pizza, slurped popsicles, and giggled at one another. As I say each time we get together.... the 10 months between them is closing. I can't wait until this summer when they are running around together and next summer when they will truly be able to communicate. Not only did Brayden and Ivy have fun- but it was great to catch up with our friends. Ashley offers so much encouragement about next year. She teaches second grade and is getting her masters and truly has found balance. She gave me some tips about how to manage full time with a baby and I felt so encouraged by her. It is hard to not be consumed with the overwhelmed feeling I felt when Ivy was a newborn. But I am comforted by the fact that she is bigger and she has a great time at her babysitters. I know that being with other kiddos (without me hovering) will give her balance. And most of all I can look around and see so many people (including myself) who turned out to be smart, independent, and very much loved children who had working parents! But again Ashley, thanks so much for your positive attitude and for sharing your working mommy ways with me!
Here are some pics to capture our evening:

A pic of the Mommies without the babies!

Rocking in Brayden's rocking chair.

Enjoying popsicles after pizza.

Showing off the stickers on their foreheads... what silly babies!

This was quite the game that Ashley had going with Ivy. Ivy was still talking about it this morning. Ivy would run through the kitchen with Ashley chasing her... then she would scoop her up and run her back to the couch. Ivy was very determined that she only wanted "Ashee" and "Dew" could not play!! Then she would shout "Again!" Ashley said this was just the workout she needed to get bikini ready!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Now I know my ABC's.... well kind of!

Ivy has been running around trying to sing her ABC's for a couple of weeks and just in the past few days she has really mastered all the letters besides Y and Z.... at which part she said "W, X, A, B, C!" This is our first attempt at getting her on video, that I absolutely had to post because it displays her silly personality all too well! Greg and I were quite humored by her total randomness.
So here is TAKE 1:

* Sidenote 1: Kaya is our poor cat that is tormented by Ivy always yelling her name. She has named all her babies Kaya and screams her name ALL THE TIME!
*Sidenote #2: I guess I should let you know that Ivy was not being bribed with a cupcake... in fact she has had about 3 cupcakes in her life yet this is a pretty common topic of conversation!! The girls loves her sweets :)

And here is our final chance to capture her ABC success.... and we almost got them all!