Friday, May 1, 2009

Now I know my ABC's.... well kind of!

Ivy has been running around trying to sing her ABC's for a couple of weeks and just in the past few days she has really mastered all the letters besides Y and Z.... at which part she said "W, X, A, B, C!" This is our first attempt at getting her on video, that I absolutely had to post because it displays her silly personality all too well! Greg and I were quite humored by her total randomness.
So here is TAKE 1:

* Sidenote 1: Kaya is our poor cat that is tormented by Ivy always yelling her name. She has named all her babies Kaya and screams her name ALL THE TIME!
*Sidenote #2: I guess I should let you know that Ivy was not being bribed with a cupcake... in fact she has had about 3 cupcakes in her life yet this is a pretty common topic of conversation!! The girls loves her sweets :)

And here is our final chance to capture her ABC success.... and we almost got them all!


  1. Cupcake??? That is my kind of girl! Too cute!

  2. Hey mama, it is great to see her personality. I feel like I know so much about her, but have never met her. Thanks

  3. haha and i love when you ask her, "who is kaya?" and she was so offended that you would ask her that question and not know your own cat that she rolls over in despair, refusing to answer. hahaha

  4. Such a smart girl! I'm not sure Colin could or would sit still long enough to recite his. She's too cute!

  5. Ivy you are just adorable! You are learning so much!


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