Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ivy's Bible Verse

I am not much for new year's resolutions that make you feel like a failure so I try to have ones that I want to keep and that have a pay out on the inside. This year one of my resolutions was the write a memory verse on Ivy's bathroom mirror each week. I thought if we read to her each time she brushed her teeth, went potty, and took a bath it might sink in- even if she doesn't memorize it each week, I am happy to expose her. She has enjoyed learning them and at this age- they are such little sponges that she usually has learned it by Tuesday!! I caught her on video reciting this weeks verse and as you can see she thinks all the verses are connected as she immediately begins saying last weeks verse too!! The verses have lead to a lot of discussions about how much Jesus loves us and how He wants us to be like Him. This resolution is not too late for you to start at your house!! It has really been so rewarding for both us and Ivy :)

Video problem solved: I had to change the settings on my camera because the videos were HUGE and then even at the smallest were still too big for blogger, but I took advice and used youtube. Thanks for your help in solving this blogging mystery!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


This picture cracked me up.... I wanted to get a picture of Ivy in her little ballet costume that Greg's mom picked up this week. But it didn't just capture Ivy as a ballerina, she is busy multitasking as you can see. Cooking in her kitchen, babies are behind her in the crib, she has a pretend present for Mommy, and she is trying to master plastic high heels with slippery tights- AND her face looks like it is painful to work so hard! It is tough being a woman with our multitasking ways, and clearly we start putting too much on our plates at a young age!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Video Question???

I have been trying to upload videos for a couple of days.... with no luck. I have been able to do it in the past but now it tries to upload for 25 minutes and never works. Any suggestions?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow Days

Ivy looks at last years pictures of playing in the snow and gets excited.... so once the snow fell on the grass this year she knew what that meant- we were getting bundled up and going out to play. She was more than ready to pull out her little blue sled. We were thankful for this blanket of snow to give us a few days of cuddling in the house and taking our little snow bunny on a winter adventure!

Anticipating the great outdoors!!

Ready to have fun with Daddy....

Tired and cold after a few sleigh rides around Lefty Loop!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fudgy Brownies

There are a few reasons that I work full time:
1. Great insurance.
2. Snow days.
3. I actually do love teaching.
4. If I stayed home.... I would be HUGE!
Let me explain, on snowdays I tend to like to munch a bit too much. We are stuck in the house and can only pretend play, do crafts, and watch movies so much.... so what do we end up doing... eating and baking and then more eating. :) Now while it is good that I can't do this everyday, Ivy and I enjoy a great day snowed in to cuddle in our jammies and eat some yummy chocolate. The treat of this snow vacation is fudgy brownies and they are delicious!

Stirring the batter....

Every good cook has to taste the batter :)

Covered in the leftover ingredients!!

*I was too busy enjoying the finished product that I didn't take pictures of us eating the brownies, but they are super yummy and fill my chocolate fix perfectly!!*

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Better with a Pickle

You would never know that just minutes before this picture, Ivy was wailing after knocking her head on the leg of a chair. Cicely had the perfect remedy.... a pickle band aid! Rhett wore one for sympathy and Ivy chose a spot not marked with a bruise or scrape, but a spot perfect for showing off her new accessory. Now, my child loves band aids and she loves pickles! So when the boo boo came, it proved my opinion that everything is better with a pickle!