Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ivy's Bible Verse

I am not much for new year's resolutions that make you feel like a failure so I try to have ones that I want to keep and that have a pay out on the inside. This year one of my resolutions was the write a memory verse on Ivy's bathroom mirror each week. I thought if we read to her each time she brushed her teeth, went potty, and took a bath it might sink in- even if she doesn't memorize it each week, I am happy to expose her. She has enjoyed learning them and at this age- they are such little sponges that she usually has learned it by Tuesday!! I caught her on video reciting this weeks verse and as you can see she thinks all the verses are connected as she immediately begins saying last weeks verse too!! The verses have lead to a lot of discussions about how much Jesus loves us and how He wants us to be like Him. This resolution is not too late for you to start at your house!! It has really been so rewarding for both us and Ivy :)

Video problem solved: I had to change the settings on my camera because the videos were HUGE and then even at the smallest were still too big for blogger, but I took advice and used youtube. Thanks for your help in solving this blogging mystery!!!


  1. Love it! You guys are great parents!

  2. haha she's so cute. i love it.

  3. i love the way she says "colossians"

  4. Awwwwwwww my heart just melts! I've watched it toooo many times now :)


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