Monday, May 31, 2010

Brave at the Lake

This weekend we enjoyed time at Barren River Lake with my family. My Uncle Paul and Aunt Dee are so gracious to host everyone at their lake house and we love every minute of it. We ate lots of yummy meals, talked on the deck for hours, soaked up the sun in the yard and on the boat, and overall had a great time! Ivy was in a rare form.... I feel like I should whisper it.... she was BRAVE! I was actually a little nervous to take her out on the boat for fears that she would scream bloody murder (even though she LOVED it last time). Over the last few months, she has learned to be scared of... EVERYTHING. She screams about bugs, being alone, loud noises... she refuses to ride small ponies, jump in bouncy houses, or talk to strangers... she is definitely different then the once brave little Ivy!

However, this weekend was like old times! You will have to wait to see the pictures to see all the bravery Ivy exuded on this trip....

Hanging out with the fam!

On the way to the dock.... they stepped up on a copper head!! AHHHH! So scary! It is now headless in this cage. Ivy watched it all and was very curious about examining the headless snake in it's cage. She kept saying "I see his face over there!"

The girls going on rides in the gator... Ivy was able to join the big girls when Greg volunteered to go along too!

Cornhole tournament!!

Grandpa in action.... Greg and Dane were declared the winners!

Click to enlarge.... and guess who is on the tube? Ivy went tubing because she WANTED to!! We couldn't believe she followed through with this request and she even swam in the lake water for awhile. WOW! Maybe the brave Ivy is back!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mommy-Daughter Movie Night

On Friday, Ivy and I had our FIRST EVER mommy and daughter movie night. It was so much fun!! Daddy was going to be gone camping, so I wanted to plan something special. I told Ivy we could go eat anywhere.... we went to Fazoli's (her choice)! Then I told her we were going to the movie store to get a princess movie to watch. She LOVED Blockbuster and was so excited to see the Ariel movie. Ariel is her favorite Disney princess without ever seeing The Little Mermaid. I told her that we would watch it on the couch and snuggle with our PJ's on. I also asked her if she wanted to pop popcorn.... and of course Miss Opinionated had a request.... CHEESE popcorn. I didn't know she had ever had or seen cheese popcorn but she informed me, "Yes, Mommy, I know cheese popcorn. It's orange!" So cheese popcorn it was!
We had a great evening together and hope to continue the Friday night tradition of family movie nights. I love knowing that a 2 year old can feel like a princess with a meal at Fazoli's, renting a movie, and having CHEESE popcorn on the couch with her PJ's on!
It was fun but we were glad our Daddy was home the next evening and we have already invited him to our next movie night!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Zoo Perfection

We have planned for this day at the zoo since spring break. As the day came closer the forecast was questionable. We decided to go for it and be hopeful about our zoo trip and I have to say it couldn't have been better! Last time we went to the zoo it was sweltering, packed, and humid. This time it was less than crowded, cool, and every animal was out and about. Not to mention, Ivy is a year older and naps are not as necessary! Cicely and I were excited to barrow a friend's double stroller (thank you, Whitney) and have a great day out of school looking at the animals. Our day could not have went any better!!

Last night a big storm came through... but look at the pretty reminder of God's promises!! We could see the whole rainbow when we weren't on the covered porch :)

Ready to explore in the awesome stroller!

Cicely and Rhett standing face to face with the big gorilla.

Rhett and Ivy taking a ride on the elephant.... right after I yelled to them "Look at your Mommies" to get there attention!! Haha apologies to the people at the zoo- we are NOT lesbians!

Afraid of the carousel (is that spelled right??)....
(and yes, Cicely gave Ivy another bandaid for her forehead... do you remember the pickle bandaid?)

Living vicariously through Cicely and Rhett each riding on their own horse!

Ivy LOVED the petting zoo.... Rhett thought it was stinky!

Still loving each other after a day of riding side by side at the zoo!

Family photo... haha.... 2 mommies 2 babies! :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Strawberry Pickin'

Our little gardener is so proud!

We have fresh strawberries ready for picking in our backyard... right now.... as we speak! Ivy and Daddy picked the first bundle this week and couldn't wait to start munching down. It is so awesome to live in a house where the previous owners planted lots of things that come up every year for our enjoyment. We are definitely enjoying a big harvest of strawberries! :)

Enjoying a yummy snack!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Big Girl Room

Over the last few weeks we have made the complete transition to a big girl room. I wasn't too worried about the change since she has been in a toddler bed since last May... but I still had a little fear about her being higher up and having both sides bare. We started with the boxsprings and mattress and then last week they delivered the bed and dresser and we fully moved from toddler room to big girl room. Ivy seems so old when I tuck he into that big bed at night. With the big bed, I have really been enjoying snuggling with Ivy right after we read stories and first thing when she wakes up in the morning.
This transition has made Tula feel so real and so soon! We moved the baby furniture across the hall into what will soon be Tula's room. This summer we will paint and start preparing for our new little princess :) We can't wait.
I know all of this is just part of a growing family and little girls growing up, but sometimes it seems like it is going too fast! I would love to push pause on Ivy's little life.... on a good 2 year old day, that is!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Green Thumb... maybe??

Ivy's Meemaw buys her a lot of at home craft kits.... that require mommy help!! We always enjoy them when we do them but finding the time is difficult. Well, being rained in for 48 hours this weekend was the perfect time to bring out the planting sets and see if our child has a green thumb like her Meemaw. Meemaw has a thriving garden that produces beautiful vegetables. She has pots of herbs growing on her back porch. Not to mention she has a flowers that return year after year and create a meadow effect along her front walkway. So this weekend we decided to find out if Ivy will in fact inherit that gene.... only time will tell!!

First we planted the little colorful pots with flower seeds! Ivy loved pushing in the seeds and she didn't mind dirt in the small amounts..... then we mixed the big bowl of soil for the vegetables and her tune changed!
I tried to get Ivy to help stir, but she turned the HUGE bowl of dirt over to her daddy and continued to repeat, "This is ascusting!" If you don't speak toddler... she thought it was disgusting! :)

Once the dirt was in the cups she was excited to plant green bean seeds, pepper seeds, and tomato seeds. All of these plants are basking in the sun on the back porch this week. We already have sprouts from the flowers and can't quite see any with the vegetables yet. If Ivy has a green thumb.... like we hope.... we should be able to plant these into the ground or bigger pots in the next few weeks!

Ivy's Spring Crafts

A little photo to remember all the precious things Ivy has made with Kristy this spring!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Perfect Day

With all the rain this weekend... I am left enjoying the perfect weather memories of Friday. Friday was my perfect day!! High 70's, low 80's... plenty of sunshine... and the smallest breeze. We had an excellent evening knowing that it was a 100% chance of rain the rest of the weekend. After a great day of school with two recesses soaking up the sun, and our family played outside from 4-8 when we got home!

Mowing the grass earlier this week to get ready for a good weekend! Ivy rides the whole yard with Daddy, it is a special time :)

Sitting on the back porch with Jack.... I think Ivy is saying "It's okay, Jackie." He is afraid when he hears other people mowing.
We even ate dinner on the patio because we couldn't bear to go inside!

Loving the MILLIONS of flowers that bloom this time of year! Including a vine of strawberries... they should be ready soon!

McDonald's Ice Cream Cone.... a favorite treat on the way to the park!

Playing at the park til bedtime :)
What a perfect spring day!!!
I must say as much as I don't love all the rain we have had this weekend... I have been super productive doing all the things that I don't like to do when I'd rather be outside.