Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Zoo Perfection

We have planned for this day at the zoo since spring break. As the day came closer the forecast was questionable. We decided to go for it and be hopeful about our zoo trip and I have to say it couldn't have been better! Last time we went to the zoo it was sweltering, packed, and humid. This time it was less than crowded, cool, and every animal was out and about. Not to mention, Ivy is a year older and naps are not as necessary! Cicely and I were excited to barrow a friend's double stroller (thank you, Whitney) and have a great day out of school looking at the animals. Our day could not have went any better!!

Last night a big storm came through... but look at the pretty reminder of God's promises!! We could see the whole rainbow when we weren't on the covered porch :)

Ready to explore in the awesome stroller!

Cicely and Rhett standing face to face with the big gorilla.

Rhett and Ivy taking a ride on the elephant.... right after I yelled to them "Look at your Mommies" to get there attention!! Haha apologies to the people at the zoo- we are NOT lesbians!

Afraid of the carousel (is that spelled right??)....
(and yes, Cicely gave Ivy another bandaid for her forehead... do you remember the pickle bandaid?)

Living vicariously through Cicely and Rhett each riding on their own horse!

Ivy LOVED the petting zoo.... Rhett thought it was stinky!

Still loving each other after a day of riding side by side at the zoo!

Family photo... haha.... 2 mommies 2 babies! :)


  1. Might I say, 2 1/2 babies!!!! What a great day we had!

  2. Looks like a great day! And I couldn't help but laugh at the band-aid, Bailey came home from my mom's with a band-aid on her forehead today :)

  3. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time--good for you!

  4. I'm so glad the weather held out for you guys. Did you go to the L'ville zoo? We just went to the Cincy one but want to try the L'ville one too since it's a little closer.

  5. Awww so glad it was a perfect day!!! I LOVE Ivy's
    tight pants...haha! You look great, too!!!! Next time come to the Cincy zoo with us!! --Chels

  6. looks like yall had so much fun!!! can't wait to do the same!


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