Thursday, March 20, 2014

white flag is up... i lost

 Tula is fighting a clothes battle.... and I have surrendered.
There is said it wrote it.  I have decided to wave the white flag and let this battle go. Tula is dressing herself- 11 days in and we have all survived and gasp..... even been happier!

Tula pretty much prefers tennis shoes, panties, her purple pajamas, and a pair of black leggings (that have a hole worn in them).  In that order.  Any other clothes are over rated (and really uncomfortable according to my little lady) and she really would be just happy as a lark in tennis shoes and panties!

So really, in my heart of hearts.... I feel like we are meeting in the middle when she comes out in green polka dotted pants with a purple bunny shirt and a mardi gras necklace.  But here's what I have realized- as much as my life feels good to be matching and wearing spunky earrings, Tula feels good to be independent and somehow independent clothes picking = comfortable clothes. 

 In the end she has been happy about her choices each day but not without me drawing some lines that cause some pouting.  For example,  she couldn't wear no pants to our friend Lila's birthday party at the Explorium.  So she settled for a white tulle sparkled skirt on top of leggings. And I took a deep breath and said okay.... and we were going in public. 

 Or like the fact that I made her wait to wear Oaklee's hand me down Bubble Guppies shirt until AFTER church. She exerted independence and strong will by stomping and saying "No, I am wearing it at wake up time on Green Day, all day!" I obliged.

After giving up.... losing.... raising the white flag. I feel good.  I let it go because it doesn't matter.  I have laid down some law when it means not being appropriate {letting her know I am still Mama and in charge} because naked isn't a choice, it is from the dirty clothes basket, or it is not corresponding with the weather but otherwise Tula is proudly putting on her own clothes each day.  And she is wide eyed and bushy tailed to hop out of her bed, put on her hand picked items, and show off the day's attire.  This little adjustment of our morning is setting the tone for the rest of the day and I spend the next many hours feeling thankful that I lost the clothes battle.
Happy Tula ---> Happy Mama