Friday, December 31, 2010


I am excited to ring in 2011 with 2 Little Princesses and the most charming husband ever!! We will be celebrating tonight (early afternoon..... come on people, we've got small children) by playing at Kid's Place and eating pizza for dinner. We hope to have the babies in bed by 8:30 so the real fun can begin! Just kidding, the hubs and I will probably cuddle and watch some of the movie that I fell asleep watching last night- ahhhhh....the life of a tired mommy! Every year I try to make a few resolutions that I can stick to :)

1. Write Bible verses on Ivy's mirror to read and memorize.... we upheld this and hope to continue to fill her little heart with God's word.
2. Leave school by 3:30 (except on meeting days) to create a better balance between work and home.

So what is in store for this year.....
1. Write a letter to a friend who needs some lovin' once a month.
2. Save my sweet tooth for one dessert a week :)
3. Do my Bible devotion EVERYDAY!

I hope you feel good about the you that you will be in 2011! Happy New Year! :)

Monday, December 27, 2010


We did a few good things this year making Christmas wonderful!!
1. We spread out the holidays!
2. We were home on Christmas morning :)
3. We followed this schedule play, rest, eat.... and then repeat!

The bad....
We spoiled our children and allowed others to do the same-- now we are paying for it a bit! But hey, Christmas only comes once a year!!

We started with Greg's family! We had them over the weekend before Christmas to celebrate. They of course showered Ivy and Tula with gifts galore- everything from a video baby monitor to all things baby doll! Our family gift came early.... a bright red canoe. We can't wait until spring to take it out together!

Over the next few days we soaked up every ounce of time with UnK *who has requested it no longer be spelled UNC because is a die hard UK fan* and Esie. We had a great time hanging out and Ivy got her fair share of time playing with her two favorite people. We did Christmas over a two day period at Nana and Pops house. Once again our girls (and the Mommy and Daddy) enjoyed all their gifts.... the favorites a Disney Doll Carriage and Sophie the giraffe! (Tula will also be enjoying a new high chair when eating time comes just around the corner!)

On Christmas Eve morning we checked some great things off the list at home....
* Opened PJ's from Mommy and Daddy!
* Opened our last Advent book and chocolate :)
* Fed the reindeer
And we headed to Louisville to love on our wonderful extended family!

We came home late Christmas Eve and hopped into bed so Santa could come before our early riser woke up! Christmas morning was so relaxing..... Santa made his debut leaving toys and stockings full of goodies. We were able to be home all day playing and cooking! That evening Ivy and Tula had both sets of grandparents over to celebrate Jesus' birthday with a meal and a birthday cake complete with an Ariel candle. :) Overall, it was an amazing Christmas for our family and hope it was for your family too!

If you are still reading.... WOW!.... you made it through possibly the longest post ever! Praise Jesus you won't have to read another post like that until next year!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What's one more.....

Ivy was so proud of her "picture perfect set up"!

Tula is just another babydoll in the Smorstad house :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa Visit

Ivy and Tula with Santa :)

We not only had a little visit on Santa's lap but we also received a video from Santa for Ivy. Both things helped Ivy to believe in the big man in red.... since we have already had several questions about St. Nick this year! Yes, she is only 3, and yes, I will lie to her FOREVER :) if I can!!!

Copy and paste the link to enjoy our Portable North Pole video.....

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Both of these little ladies are getting so BIG!! I need to push pause and I need to push it fast. I thought life sped up when Ivy was born and no one told me things would fly even faster with baby number 2. Who knows what happens next... you blink your eyes and you have babies 3, 4, and 5 in kindergarten?? Just kidding.... we will be stopping before we get that far!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ivy Sleds and Ivyisms

Ivy's version of sledding in winter's past has involved riding in a little seated sled while Greg pulls her around by a string. Ivy had lots of fun but Greg got a major workout. This year he decided that Ivy was ready for more mature adventures! He was excited to leave work a little early, pick up a new "big kid" sled, and come home to take his girl out in the snow. Ivy had a blast and it wore her out so much that she went to be before 7 pm!! We might need to go sledding more often :)

Ivy makes us laugh daily! If I wrote down all the funny things that she says I would be blogging every day- and this mama doesn't have that much time!! So here are some things that we don't want to forget....

Ivy: Mommy, I wish I was Mary and daddy was Joseph.
Mommy: Why? (very confused.... )
Ivy: Because I just love baby Jesuses.
While driving by one of those BEAUTIFUL (ha) and ginormous plastic outdoor nativity scenes. I tried to explain that we can love Jesus and He loves us but we don't have to/can't be his mommy and daddy.
Ivy's Response: But I still love baby Jesuses

Ivy: What is under Santa's nose?
Mommy: That is called a mustache.
Ivy: Where is his beard?
Mommy points to beard.
Ivy is in deep thought.
Ivy: Where does his snot go?
Mommy: I bet Santa uses a Kleenex.
Ivy: But what if he doesn't get a kleenex real fast?
Mommy: I guess it gets on his mustache.
Ivy: Ewwww..... that's "ascusting"!
10 minutes later.... still reading the book.
Ivy: Ewwww.... yuck, Santa. You are yucky!

Ivy and an undisclosed, beautiful girl getting ready!
Girl: Ivy, do you like this? (Pointing to outfit)
Ivy: I wouldn't wear it.
Are you serious? Not to mention.... girl had on such a cute outfit!!!

Ivy: Oh my goodness, Mommy!!!!!
Mommy: What, Ivy? (a little nervous at what she is about to say)
Ivy: Cracking up..... Those cars look like hotdogs.
Mommy and Daddy look over at a parking lot filled with limos!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Date Night.... Not Really

So I guess you could say that we had our first date night last night..... but do you really consider going to a work Christmas party for your husband a date night?

Date Night Check List

* No children..... check

* A glass of wine.... check

* A delicious dinner.... check

* Getting dressed up..... check

* Hanging out with great friends.... not so much!

So yes, Greg and I got to get dressed up and go out sans kids for the first time but really the company is everything. Don't get me wrong! The people are nice, they really are :) but not necessarily the crowd I want to spend my "date night" with. Next year I have a plan, get sitters for the said work Christmas party but go to dinner with friends instead! The only down fall... I don't think friends give you a Christmas bonus. Guess we will have to stick to the work party!

While we were at the party.... my heart was secretly left with this little one!!
Tula is getting so big :) She is adjusting great to mommy being back at work. She is loving life at Kristy's and overwhelmed by the attention she gets from lots of little eyes each day. She is napping great and taking the bottle with no problem. She comes home and catches up on boob time like you wouldn't believe and is sleeping great at night. We can't complain..... well except for one little thing.....

We have our first ear infection. Boo!!! Our snotty nose finally caught up with us and caused the oh so familiar ear infection. The dr. tried to give me the "this is what causes the inner ear infection" spill.... and I told him to basically save his breath we know this road all to well. Both girls got the first ear infection before their 4 month birthday and once again I predict tubes in the future. Tula has spend lots of time cuddling with Mommy, Daddy, big sister, and her beloved blankie. And really she is the happiest sick baby I know!!

So cheers to a faux date night, a well adjusted back to work mommy and baby, and a little one who is happy and sleeping even with hurty ears!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Dance Recital

For someone who grew up dancing it has been so much fun to see Ivy go through her first dance class. Everything from the outfits, to the pictures, to dress rehearsals, and the finale.... a Christmas recital! She was more excited than ever to get to wear make up and I wasn't sure she even remembered she was going to be dancing. But when the curtains opened she proved me wrong!! I was so pleased with her first little dance performance. She is already looking forward to the recital this spring!!

Mommy and Daddy and their little Frosty Ivy!

Ivy and all her grandparents :)
She has been so excited about her flowers... they are in "her bery own base" in "her bery own room!"

And the performance!!
Unc and Esie, we missed you but would rather you be safe than sorry on the way to see a dance recital! There will be many more and I am sure of that :)