Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa Visit

Ivy and Tula with Santa :)

We not only had a little visit on Santa's lap but we also received a video from Santa for Ivy. Both things helped Ivy to believe in the big man in red.... since we have already had several questions about St. Nick this year! Yes, she is only 3, and yes, I will lie to her FOREVER :) if I can!!!

Copy and paste the link to enjoy our Portable North Pole video.....


  1. So cute--as long as you believe, Santa is very real!

  2. What a great picture! Ivy always looks so stylish!!

  3. How cute! I've seen that Santa about 20 times today on various blogs. Tula's outfit is adorable, as are Ivy's cute boots!

  4. Great picture! Ella is not so sure about Santa and all of his "dress up" wanna be Santas:) Lol! I sent her that same message to try and coax her:)


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