Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ivy Sleds and Ivyisms

Ivy's version of sledding in winter's past has involved riding in a little seated sled while Greg pulls her around by a string. Ivy had lots of fun but Greg got a major workout. This year he decided that Ivy was ready for more mature adventures! He was excited to leave work a little early, pick up a new "big kid" sled, and come home to take his girl out in the snow. Ivy had a blast and it wore her out so much that she went to be before 7 pm!! We might need to go sledding more often :)

Ivy makes us laugh daily! If I wrote down all the funny things that she says I would be blogging every day- and this mama doesn't have that much time!! So here are some things that we don't want to forget....

Ivy: Mommy, I wish I was Mary and daddy was Joseph.
Mommy: Why? (very confused.... )
Ivy: Because I just love baby Jesuses.
While driving by one of those BEAUTIFUL (ha) and ginormous plastic outdoor nativity scenes. I tried to explain that we can love Jesus and He loves us but we don't have to/can't be his mommy and daddy.
Ivy's Response: But I still love baby Jesuses

Ivy: What is under Santa's nose?
Mommy: That is called a mustache.
Ivy: Where is his beard?
Mommy points to beard.
Ivy is in deep thought.
Ivy: Where does his snot go?
Mommy: I bet Santa uses a Kleenex.
Ivy: But what if he doesn't get a kleenex real fast?
Mommy: I guess it gets on his mustache.
Ivy: Ewwww..... that's "ascusting"!
10 minutes later.... still reading the book.
Ivy: Ewwww.... yuck, Santa. You are yucky!

Ivy and an undisclosed, beautiful girl getting ready!
Girl: Ivy, do you like this? (Pointing to outfit)
Ivy: I wouldn't wear it.
Are you serious? Not to mention.... girl had on such a cute outfit!!!

Ivy: Oh my goodness, Mommy!!!!!
Mommy: What, Ivy? (a little nervous at what she is about to say)
Ivy: Cracking up..... Those cars look like hotdogs.
Mommy and Daddy look over at a parking lot filled with limos!


  1. Oh, I love the Ivyisms!!! This age is so fun, and you really never know what is going to come out of their mouths.

  2. She is too funny! I love the innocent things that seemingly fall out of their mouths. You'll be so glad you wrote these down!

    Thanks for the comment on my question. I'm not sure what the solution for us is but at least he's sleeping!

  3. Cracking me up!!

    Thanks for you sweet comment on Multitude Monday.
    I am sure you are glad to be home for a few weeks for Christmas break.

  4. haha love the one about Santa! So funny. Can't wait to hang with y'all a bunch next week!

  5. Are you kidding?? I'm in tears laughing!


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