Monday, April 19, 2010

And the verdict is....

It's a GIRL!!!

Today was a big day! We got to go find out what Baby #2 is and last night I could not sleep, I was so excited. Ivy was ready to go to the doctor from the moment she woke up. Everything looks healthy on our little one but she is pretty calm compared to how Ivy flailed around in the womb. In fact, she was so relaxed that she didn't want to give us a spread eagle shot. We jiggled her as much as possible and this is what we finally got....

The 3 white lines mean it's a girl.... but the ultrasound tech wants a second ultrasound in hopes of a better crotch shot. (She only felt 95% sure it was a girl!) But Dr. Cunningham was certain that it was a girl, but is more than willing to sign off for me to get a double take. So on my next visit we will see the little Princess. Can you tell I am convinced it's a girl? I've never seen a boy part on an ultrasound but that doesn't look like it could be to me!

Sweet profile shot, we had to be quick because she put her thumb right back in her mouth.
Sucking her thumb, Ivy says she needs a paci!

Little leg and foot :)

We feel so blessed to have another healthy baby girl on the way. I am excited for Ivy to have the sister that I never had..... my brother is good but he couldn't be a maid of honor :) Well, he could have been, but I don't think he would look so great in a red dress!! Daddy feels a bit out numbered but says it is even more important that he impress his hobbies on Ivy.... so soon they will go fishing and he already has her kicking the soccer ball around in the backyard.

This September we will be welcoming another little princess, Tula Belle, into our family!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Keeneland Day

This weekend Ivy visited Keeneland for the very first time. I feel like this is a birthright when you are from Lexington... or now the nearby city of Nicholasville! :) My aunt Vicki and Charlie were visiting from Alabama and were excited to go to Keeneland for the first time. Anthony and Chelsea, and my Uncle Tony came down to join the fun! A good time was had by all. Ivy loved the horses but more than anything she loved dressing up and "prancing" around. She instantly had a strut in her walk when she walked into the Clubhouse and noticed she (and many others) were dressed up to come see the pretty horses! It was funny to see her more prissy than normal. We had a super time and can't wait to go back in the fall.

My two loves!

All the ladies together!

Ivy's favorites..... :) Unc and Esie!
Our little family... or growing family, I should say!

My favorite part about our day was my conversation with Ivy when I was putting her to bed. I always ask her what her favorite thing about the day was and yesterday she responded, "I liked when the pink and purple horse boys waved to me." haha... In boys she is talking about those itty-bitty jockeys and their pretty outfits!! :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

19 weeks and 1 more week 'til the DAY!

My belly is growing each day, but I thought I should post an update to tell you that in ONE week we will know if we are having a baby boy or baby girl! That first ultrasound feels like the first due date. I long for it for the first 20 weeks and it helps to keep me busy for the next 20 weeks. We can't wait to know and are going to be excited either way :) Ivy thinks it's definitely a girl and I kind of think the same thing.... but it might be because it is all I know. We have names for both and can't wait to create a little identity of this life growing inside me.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Celebration

Ivy and Mommy (and baby bump) ready for church!

After church going to get baskets at Nana and Pop's house!! Of course the Easter bunny still treats Mommy and Daddy with a basket too :)

Easter morning.... a tired little girl discovers her basket of goodies... and she is definitely not tired enough to miss out on a HOT PINK peep!

Trying out her new PINK fishing pole... it looks like she might catch a cat :)

On an egg hunt in Nana and Pop's backyard, and these eggs actually have candy in them so it took FOREVER since we had to munch all the way through the hunt. She has a sweet tooth... wonder where that came from???

Ivy and 3 sets of Grandparents!
This is such a special picture because she is one lucky little girl :)

Smorstad Family Easter 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

A Day at the Farm

The Smorstad's are not farm people.... at all! In fact, the closest thing to a farm that I have ventured to is Boyd's Orchard, which is a far cry from Narrow Lane Farm where we visited yesterday. Our friends, the Amburgey's, are farm people! They love it and talk all the time about how they miss the country living at "home." I was so excited to hear about the fun times Rhett has at his Nanny's farm and even more excited to be invited to spend the day in Mt. Sterling. Ivy and I had a fabulous time and we will never forget it! After our trip to the farm, I am a convert and am now a farm person and can't wait to go back again!

Two friends.... so excited! Rhett talked a mile a minute all the way there, so ready to show Ivy life on the farm!

Pepper the Horse
Ivy and Rhett had fun feeding the horse and then Rhett showed Ivy the ropes of riding him. Ivy enjoyed sitting on Pepper but was less than thrilled when he took a step or two! However, this was so brave for Ivy to sit on the big horse after she let out a scream when a tiny fly landed on her arm.... these are her true colors! Ivy was quite impressed by Rhett's cowboy skills :)
Isn't that little picture of them on the hay absolutely precious??!! They truly are best friends!

A day at the farm would not be the same without Sidney Shea! Isn't she cute! Ivy would stop whatever she was doing for a moment to hold baby Sidney Shea. She was such a trooper (at only 9 weeks old... is that right, Cicely?) and we all enjoyed her company. I can only hope that our Baby #2 is as easy going as Sidney Shea :) And don't think that I didn't spend time holding her, just because there is no proof of it, I can't get enough of that sweet girl!

Bobo the Llama
Cicely's mom has affectionately named herself "The Llama Lady"! She raises llamas and oh are they so cute. The one in the picture is Bobo and he is like a giant puppy dog... seriously! You can take Bobo on walks with a leash and Ivy can't quit talking about how she loved him :) When it was her turn to take Bobo on a walk she led him straight onto the porch so he could have a rest in the shade!
Rhett and Ivy took rides in the mule from one place to another.... it was a great day playing in the creek, visiting the baby horse in the barn, riding Pepper, and being entertained by the llamas! Ivy only hopes that Rhett takes her back soon!

By the end of the day... Ivy fit right in! :)
Rhett did an excellent job of showing her life on the farm!