Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Celebration

Ivy and Mommy (and baby bump) ready for church!

After church going to get baskets at Nana and Pop's house!! Of course the Easter bunny still treats Mommy and Daddy with a basket too :)

Easter morning.... a tired little girl discovers her basket of goodies... and she is definitely not tired enough to miss out on a HOT PINK peep!

Trying out her new PINK fishing pole... it looks like she might catch a cat :)

On an egg hunt in Nana and Pop's backyard, and these eggs actually have candy in them so it took FOREVER since we had to munch all the way through the hunt. She has a sweet tooth... wonder where that came from???

Ivy and 3 sets of Grandparents!
This is such a special picture because she is one lucky little girl :)

Smorstad Family Easter 2010


  1. Sara you look so cute! Congrats on baby no 2 by the way :) cant wait to see more pics!

  2. Love it all. wish we coulda been there. and your baby bump is growin! can't wait to see yall next weekend.

  3. Sweet baby look adorable. Ivy, love her little Easter dress...she is too cute!

  4. So fun! You look great Sarah. I can hardly wait for you to find out!

  5. what great pictures--that was a fun day!

  6. Looks like a great Easter weekend! The baby bump is looking cute too! On a side note, Ella's new favorite toy is also a fishing pole with a fuzzy thing at the end... she loves having CHACHA (our cat) jump for it! :)


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