Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Birthdays to our Unc and Esie

I am behind on my blogging.... I realize.... but I had to do big things- like learn to drive my minivan. However, last week our very special Unc and Esie both had their 23rd birthdays! We were so excited to go to Cincinnati to celebrate with them. We had a fantastic time as usual. The pictures below capture the way Ivy looks like she is about 5 and look closely at Daddy, he holds Ivy's baby as if he wants one of his own!! Can you tell that minivan really has me on the baby train?!?!? :)

Right after they got a special birthday song and two ginormous Sundae's from the chatty waitress! Happy Birthday to two very special people~

Ivy said she wanted her own... yeah right!

Ivy and her favorite girls.... about to open presents!

Notice: Unc got the Sham-wow and he is so excited about this! He spills his drink daily! And Greg has just subconsciously swaddled and is now rocking Ivy's baby!! hahaha

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mini-van Mama

Mama Smors is now officially a mini-van mommy! Now, you know, that since becoming a momma I knew that I wanted a mini-van at some point. I pictured it packed to the brim with many small children and it being the perfect car to suit my large family! Well, a little earlier than planned I am officially driving a van... or as Ivy says, "a ban." After taking Greg's car to Charleston and almost not making it home we were forced to do some car shopping. We looked at bigger cars, small SUV's, and then vans. It was a no brainer, when we factored in gas mileage, insurance, and Ivy's continuous kicks to our seats.... we were ready to take the plunge into Mini-van land! We have been the proud owners since Thursday, Ivy thinks it is the coolest thing her parents have ever bought, and we are loving the space. However, it is pretty odd to look around and have only one babe in the backseat! My baby fever is rising as I am sporting my new vehicle.... I hope to fill it up with many more small children in it's lifetime. But for now, it is the perfect luxury car for a two year old!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Times... Good Times

I absolutely love fall... I love the smells, the tastes, and the colors. I love celebrating lots of family birthdays (two more this weekend)! I love the cooler temperatures. I love seeing little ones dressed up in costumes (note- I do not like to dress up)! I love knowing that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. And I love going to Boyd's Orchard. Last weekend we ventured there for the second time this season and as usual we had a blast.

Ivy's grand entrance... on Daddy's shoulders!

Enjoying a snack of apple doughnuts and cider... yum!

She loves this swing.... or blue horse as she calls it!

Feeding the goats- Ivy does not prefer to partake she just likes to watch Mommy and Daddy have our hands munched on!

Through the tunnels... much braver than just 2 weeks ago!

Mommy and Ivy... Boyd's Orchard 2009!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Story of Charleston... with few words

A husband and wife were very excited for some time to reconnect and enjoy one anothers company. For the very first time they were leaving their sweet Ivy and going to enjoy 4 days of marital bliss in the beautiful city of Charleston, SC!

Saying goodbye with a nervous tummy but know Ivy was in good hands!

Seeing a perfect rainbow on the drive into Charleston.

Enjoying the scenery, walking miles and miles a day, loving that we could sleep late and be on our schedule...

Posing for a sweaty, close up picture before getting on our carriage tour.

Meet Lucy who showed us the beauty of Charleston.

Real people live in these houses with so much history!

A day at Sullivan's Island... can you tell that the temperature dropped 25 degrees and it was really really windy!

My hubby carrying my chair and I have a bag of magazines.... wow I am really an adult and taking a break from children's books momentarily!

Feeling refreshed to come home to our lovely Ivy and the real world, with real problems like a broken car! Our get away was perfect for recharging.
We are so thankful for grandparents that made this trip possible!!

Mommy Likey's

Everyone now and then we come across things that we love love love!! I have found one new favorite thing to do and Greg's mom got Ivy the most precious hair bows that I also love! Here is picture with Ivy sporting both!

Ivy is dolled up with jewelry that she made with Pop-Em beads. These are sold in kits in the craft section at Wal-Mart. They can string together various colored beads to make necklaces, bracelets, and even worms or snakes!! It also comes with things to pop onto rings. This keeps Ivy entertained and she loves getting dressed up with her finished product. I strongly recommend getting some of your own... especially with the rainy days we have been having! Boo to the rain but at least we have some fun inside toys!

This is the close up of the new bows that Meemaw got for Ivy!! She loves them and wants to rock out these ladybug bows everyday. I think someone handmade these genius bows that my child is in love with- so whoever it is... thank you thank you! They are oh so cute!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Overcoming Fears

At age 2, one of Ivy's only fears was the mower. She loved the looks of it in the shed, but once it was out and running she cried at the sound of it.... even when she was inside. Last week she finally broke down. She wanted to go for a ride and her little lip quivered as the noises started, but once they were off she loved the it!! Now any time we are outside she begs to ride :)

Waving to Mommy once she warmed up!

Taking one last lap around the tree!!