Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Story of Charleston... with few words

A husband and wife were very excited for some time to reconnect and enjoy one anothers company. For the very first time they were leaving their sweet Ivy and going to enjoy 4 days of marital bliss in the beautiful city of Charleston, SC!

Saying goodbye with a nervous tummy but know Ivy was in good hands!

Seeing a perfect rainbow on the drive into Charleston.

Enjoying the scenery, walking miles and miles a day, loving that we could sleep late and be on our schedule...

Posing for a sweaty, close up picture before getting on our carriage tour.

Meet Lucy who showed us the beauty of Charleston.

Real people live in these houses with so much history!

A day at Sullivan's Island... can you tell that the temperature dropped 25 degrees and it was really really windy!

My hubby carrying my chair and I have a bag of magazines.... wow I am really an adult and taking a break from children's books momentarily!

Feeling refreshed to come home to our lovely Ivy and the real world, with real problems like a broken car! Our get away was perfect for recharging.
We are so thankful for grandparents that made this trip possible!!


  1. That sounds so refreshing!!! I need an adult getaway! Love the pictures. :)

  2. how fun! so happy you guys got to to that! When we left Brayden for two days I was wreck and he had been fine the whole time. :)

  3. How fun! Now the next time you want to come to Charleston you can just bring Ivy and stay with us! We will moving there the first week of December.

  4. It looks like you had a blast-we did, too with Ivy.

  5. An adult getaway...that sounds fantastic!

  6. "ugh. all the bodies are going on a trip" - hahahah classic!

  7. What a perfect place for your first adult getaway post-Ivy. We love Charleston and it looks like you guys had a great time too.

    I agree that it's always hard to leave them but it sure is nice to have a little adult time too(:


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