Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snowy Day

 Tula and Clove shared a first this weekend.... 
Both these little girls enjoyed their very first time playing in the snow!  And they both followed the fun with a big nap :)
Ivy showed Tula the ropes of letting Daddy get more than a day's worth of exercise.  Daddy ran and ran pulling the girls all across the yard in the mini sled. 
Tula went along for the next ride and loved it!  She squealed the whole time and took every break as an opportunity to eat the snow and feed a little to Clove. 
I even got to join the family for the snowy day fun.  Usually I am the one waiting inside with warm towels, new clothes, and lunch- but this time everyone had so much fun that I had time to throw on my snow gear and join them outside. 
Our 2 hours outside was the perfect afternoon of winter fun. I am thankful for the seasons; a winter that gives us gorgeous white snow and the memories we were able to make together!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

December Happenings

December has been such a busy month! We have had a lot going on in the Smorstad family.  Now, we are finally taking the time to breathe before Christmas arrives.... and it will be here so soon! 

The Christmas Cupcake Musical
Ivy was in her 1st Christmas program at church.  She was an angel and as a support to her great friend, Kennedy, she sang a solo in front of everyone!  Tula loved the performance and attempted to sing along with the big kids.  It won't be long until she gets to be part of the show too!

Santa Claus Party
A sweet family friend, and student in my class, hosts a "Santa Claus" party every Christmas.  The kids make crafts, enjoy treats, and then Santa stops in to read the real Christmas story from the Bible.  Then each little one gets a chance to sit with Santa and tell him what they want this year.  Ivy was excited that her friend Addy was their to celebrate!
Ivy even got an early, special present..... "real high heels"!  That is all she has asked for from her birthday to Christmas and after Santa told her he only brings play high heels I decided to earn mom of the year award when I caved to these $11 beauties at Walmart!  Her heart is content!

Gingerbread Houses
Daddy and I spent the day together, shopping and eating, and then it was a special treat to join Ivy to make gingerbread houses in her classroom.  I am thankful to get to be a part of those school moments with my big kindergartner!

Graham and Uncle G
Graham made an impromptu visit!!! YAY!  Greg, Ivy, Tula, and I got to hang out with Chelsea and Graham all afternoon.  We got lots of snuggles with this little man!  We named Greg, Uncle G, and he got to hold Graham for the 1st time ever.... clearly there have been a few baby hogs during the other visits! We can't wait to spend several days together at Christmas.

Cookie Decorating
We decorated Christmas cookies!  Kennedy came over to join Ivy.  The big girls helped with each part of the baking process, then Tula woke up just in time to decorated and taste test!  We definitely have some beautiful, yummy cookies to leave out for Santa!

Date Nights & Fun with Grandparents
This month we got to enjoy a night out for Greg's work Christmas party!  It was good to get dressed up and eat yummy food.... it was even better to be the granddaughters!  Pawpaw came over to hang out with Ivy and Tula and they got to end an evening of fun being put to bed side by side in Mommy and Daddy's bed- such a treat!  They were so sweet we had to take a picture!
Then we got a true date night- dinner and a movie- while Ivy and Tula stayed with Nana and Pops.  The girls made chocolate dipped marshmallows with Nana while Pops snapped pictures.  Clearly, Tula was really enjoying making and tasting!  I was a proud Mom because they even decided to sleep in for Nana.... I know this made everyone happy!

December has been a great month and with Christmas just around the corner it can only get better!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Nutcracker Ballet 2012

 This past weekend Ivy participated in her first Nutcracker Ballet through Mindy's Jessamine School of Classical Dance.  They have been putting on the Nutcracker for the past 20 years and to these people it is a big deal..... pressure was on Mama, but the 5 year olds were calm, collected, and excited to be a part of the show!

 This was Ivy's 3rd dance recital but the first one where the older girls were a huge part of the show.  She stared in awe of the ballerinas surrounding her and has already decided she wants to be the Nutcracker princess (a.k.a. Clara) someday.  She was beyond thrilled to preform three shows and says the best part was wearing make up.  She looked so grown up to me! 
 She didn't only look like a grown up, she really did well on late nights and no naps all weekend long.  Mommy and Daddy were so proud of her after watching her and her friends preform as the water sprites! 
  I was impressed at how much more they learned this year than the last time she took dance and I knew she felt the challenge.  After the second class she said, "I can't be in this recital because our dance is too hard!"  I assured her that they would be practicing for many more months and by the time of the show she would be ready, and sure enough she was!  Nana and Pops were definitely proud of their little ballerina. 
 Ivy was so impressed that Pawpaw came to watch the show and he even brought her a second set of beautiful pink roses!  She was definitely proud to have family there watching and I am thankful that she has grandparents who live close enough to make it and love her enough to spend their weekend at the Nutcracker Ballet! 
The weekend was a long one for this little group- lots of waiting was involved, but they did a great job!  After all the hustle of Ivy's first Nutcracker performance, I thought she may want a little break from dance.  But I was wrong, she wants to do tap again come January and she is already talking about going back to dance camp!  I am thankful that she has found something that she enjoys and I am excited to remember my own dancing days through her experience!