Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snowy Day

 Tula and Clove shared a first this weekend.... 
Both these little girls enjoyed their very first time playing in the snow!  And they both followed the fun with a big nap :)
Ivy showed Tula the ropes of letting Daddy get more than a day's worth of exercise.  Daddy ran and ran pulling the girls all across the yard in the mini sled. 
Tula went along for the next ride and loved it!  She squealed the whole time and took every break as an opportunity to eat the snow and feed a little to Clove. 
I even got to join the family for the snowy day fun.  Usually I am the one waiting inside with warm towels, new clothes, and lunch- but this time everyone had so much fun that I had time to throw on my snow gear and join them outside. 
Our 2 hours outside was the perfect afternoon of winter fun. I am thankful for the seasons; a winter that gives us gorgeous white snow and the memories we were able to make together!

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  1. Hooray for snow days! Looks like you guys had fun and made some happy memories. Your dog is so cute. Every girl needs a dog in her life :)


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