Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dr. Ivy

Today was the day.... and proudly the first day, that I lost it! I had a mini meltdown about the struggle of balancing being the jack of all trades. All summer long, as I prayed for the year ahead, I knew that I would still have hard days and somehow I have been able to manage (happily) for the past 8 weeks with no major temper tantrums. Temper tantrums by Mama.... not Ivy. One is never too old to have temper tantrums. So onto my major fit!
Working full time is manageable, working full time.... having a stupid meeting.... walking on a few eggshells.... knowing I have grad school looming.... and then add a typical 2 year old to the mix is sometimes a recipe for tears. I am so excited to pick Ivy up in the afternoons. I miss her all day and can't wait to hear about all the fun she has at Kristy's. She is at the age where she gives me every last detail and I am soaking these talks in. However, today was different. I was late picking her up due to a stressful afternoon meeting, so maybe it was partly me. But then she began screaming bloody murder the second I buckled her in to the car seat. I told her to calm down and to use her words to tell me what was wrong and then I decided to ignore her tantrum. I turned the music up a little louder certain that with no attention her fit would not flourish. I was WRONG! The screaming escalated, the kicks in my seat got harder, and WAM! I turned around and screamed right back at her. This sent me into tears. Did I really just scream back at a 2 year old? Did I really just yell at the top of my lungs because I had a bad day? Did I really just loose my adult cool with my toddler because she was screaming first?
Seriously.... I felt terrible. When we got home I sat on the couch a cried. I prayed for strength to do this. I prayed for patience. I prayed to have a change of heart as I go from work mode to home mode. It is hard at times. I told Ivy that I was sorry that I screamed and that I loved her. I told her she was the greatest little girl but she wasn't acting so great. I told her I love when she uses her words so that I know what she needs. She was bothered that Mommy was crying. She sat by me telling me it was okay and rubbing my arm. She asked if I wanted a paci or a blankie!! Haha! And then she said, "I know!!!" as she jumped off the couch on a mission.
Ivy returned with her doctor bag in tow. She immediately checked my heart and informed me that I was good and it would be okay. "No crying, Okay?" She must have said a million times. I thought it was so sweet and moments like these are when I am reminded of her innocence. I love her child like way of fixing things. I know today was just one of those days where I had to learn a lesson. I am hoping for a better tomorrow and I am most certainly thankful that our children provide us with smiles in the midst of our parenting tears.
And of course, I had to snap her picture as she played Dr. Ivy! Dr. Ivy knew just the right medicine for a sad mama!

Friday, September 25, 2009


I am aware... I am a slacker. Working full time and having a grad school class with all my free time spent being Mommy and Wife.... Blogging has taken a backseat- MAJORLY! I do miss it, because it is a little bit like free therapy and a little bit like scrapbooking, interesting combo I must admit. But anywho, onto the topic FAMILY!

If I could wish for one thing in the future it would be that my brother and Chelsea would get out of school, have some babies, and move back to good old Kentucky! (Step 2 and 3 could be reversed!) I will be praying for God to make His will for their lives clear.... clearly in Kentucky :) Haha! Seriously, I love them and I miss them when we don't see them. I enjoy the time that we get to hang out and Ivy is absolutely smitten with them. I want her to be close to them and I want to spoil my unborn neices and nephews rotten! So they must land here, I'd be fine if they ended up at 115 Lefty Loop!!

They came in town a couple of weeks ago. We ate good food, roasted marshmallows, shopped, and attempted to persuade them to adopt Jack's brother or sisters. It was awesome! Here are some pics to capture our fun filled 23 hour visit! I look forward to the next time we see Unc and Esie. It will be soon because we celebrate many birthdays in October!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Introducing Jack

Last Wednesday our family grew by one feline friend. We had picked him out a week or so ago and were planning on waiting until he was 2 lbs. to bring him home.... but he's a little guy and it was taking a long time!! Every day we talked about what we would name him until finally the day came for him to live with us. His foster mommy decided it would be best for us to nurse him up to 2 lbs (he is 1 lb 6 oz right now) to get ready for his big un-man-ifying surgery.... on Wednesday he arrived after school and Ivy is so happy! He has become her playmate, her babydoll, and her proudest possession. She is doing a great job loving on him and helping take care of him. Even Kaya has decided to accept Jack.... after 4 days of hiding and hissing! I am hoping a new kitty will breath some energy into our large friend! Welcome, Jack, to the Smorstad family!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Traveling by Boat

Ivy loves boats. I believe the fascination began as we would pass several boat dealerships on our daily journey from Lexington to Nicholasville last school year. She would point out the boats with all of their hugeness. She typically would obsess over the brightly colored boats. Then without fail, she would remind me that boats drive on water and we drive on the road. I think she thought we were only kidding when we began telling her that she was going to ride on a boat. Every day for the past month, she has been asking if that would be the day for the boat ride, and this weekend it finally came!

We traveled to the BIG city of Glasgow to Barren River Lake to hang out with my family. To be specific, we all crammed into my Aunt and Uncle's lake house, all 17 adults and 2 babies!!! We had a great time. Ivy loved hanging out with everyone and being toted around by my cousins. She loved showing Baby Cole what a big girl she was, except when she reverted back to baby land enjoying many adventures in his walker and shaking his rattle toys. But the best part of all... she spent 2 days on a big red boat and even took 2 rides on the bright red water mo-mo (jetski). Ivy was brave and jumped right in to the lake (Mommy pretended to be brave in the dark, murky, lake water)!! Here are a few pictures to capture our good time. Thanks to Aunt Dee and Uncle Paul for being the hostess with the mostest!

Ivy driving the boat with Shea!

Ivy, Harper, and Shea ready for the boat.

Daddy and Ivy swimming- so brave!

A great place for a nap- I loved holding my sleeping baby! This hasn't happened in over a year :)

Ivy and Nana taking it all in!

Ivy riding in Cole's walker. She liked being the "baby!"

Cousins :)

Rachel and Cole cheering for Auburn... while Cole's daddy roots for Alabama! Family divided~

Ivy brushing Harper's hair.

PS- I need a new camera ASAP! Mine is about to bite the dust, so apologies for the poor quality of these pictures!