Friday, September 25, 2009


I am aware... I am a slacker. Working full time and having a grad school class with all my free time spent being Mommy and Wife.... Blogging has taken a backseat- MAJORLY! I do miss it, because it is a little bit like free therapy and a little bit like scrapbooking, interesting combo I must admit. But anywho, onto the topic FAMILY!

If I could wish for one thing in the future it would be that my brother and Chelsea would get out of school, have some babies, and move back to good old Kentucky! (Step 2 and 3 could be reversed!) I will be praying for God to make His will for their lives clear.... clearly in Kentucky :) Haha! Seriously, I love them and I miss them when we don't see them. I enjoy the time that we get to hang out and Ivy is absolutely smitten with them. I want her to be close to them and I want to spoil my unborn neices and nephews rotten! So they must land here, I'd be fine if they ended up at 115 Lefty Loop!!

They came in town a couple of weeks ago. We ate good food, roasted marshmallows, shopped, and attempted to persuade them to adopt Jack's brother or sisters. It was awesome! Here are some pics to capture our fun filled 23 hour visit! I look forward to the next time we see Unc and Esie. It will be soon because we celebrate many birthdays in October!


  1. We all understand that there are more important things than blogging. I guess:) I do enjoy reading your blog.

    Ivy is so cute. Hopefully she will have some cousins to play with before she gets too old!

    I hope we land back in Ky soon too!

  2. if only we could be so never know.

  3. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have both my babies near me!!!

  4. Awwww...I would LOVE this too!!!!



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