Sunday, December 12, 2010

Date Night.... Not Really

So I guess you could say that we had our first date night last night..... but do you really consider going to a work Christmas party for your husband a date night?

Date Night Check List

* No children..... check

* A glass of wine.... check

* A delicious dinner.... check

* Getting dressed up..... check

* Hanging out with great friends.... not so much!

So yes, Greg and I got to get dressed up and go out sans kids for the first time but really the company is everything. Don't get me wrong! The people are nice, they really are :) but not necessarily the crowd I want to spend my "date night" with. Next year I have a plan, get sitters for the said work Christmas party but go to dinner with friends instead! The only down fall... I don't think friends give you a Christmas bonus. Guess we will have to stick to the work party!

While we were at the party.... my heart was secretly left with this little one!!
Tula is getting so big :) She is adjusting great to mommy being back at work. She is loving life at Kristy's and overwhelmed by the attention she gets from lots of little eyes each day. She is napping great and taking the bottle with no problem. She comes home and catches up on boob time like you wouldn't believe and is sleeping great at night. We can't complain..... well except for one little thing.....

We have our first ear infection. Boo!!! Our snotty nose finally caught up with us and caused the oh so familiar ear infection. The dr. tried to give me the "this is what causes the inner ear infection" spill.... and I told him to basically save his breath we know this road all to well. Both girls got the first ear infection before their 4 month birthday and once again I predict tubes in the future. Tula has spend lots of time cuddling with Mommy, Daddy, big sister, and her beloved blankie. And really she is the happiest sick baby I know!!

So cheers to a faux date night, a well adjusted back to work mommy and baby, and a little one who is happy and sleeping even with hurty ears!


  1. You and Greg looked so pretty/handsome all dressed up! And the best part--Pops and I had Tula all to ourselves for a while!

  2. So sorry to hear she has an ear infection!

    You look great!!

  3. so sorry for hurting ears, we are on our second set and now we have had 3 infections since march (when we got the second set) now we are on a 21 day dose of antiboditics and hoping to avoid removing our adnoids! well say a little pray for tula!

  4. Sarah, you look amazing! I cannot believe you just had a baby! PS- Willy and I made the same gingerbread train Ivy made and hers turned out around 100x's better!

  5. I can't believe you rocked out tights??? I remember going to Petie and Brittany's wedding in sub zero degree weather (or so it felt) with no hose on for you!

    You looked super cute in them (comfortable or not)!

  6. haha "time with great friends...not so much." Did you get to meet the author of the infamous annual christmas letter?

    By the way, my heart is secretly left with that little one too!

  7. Wes and I had our first date night this weekend too! Thankfully, we didn't have to fake it with non-friends and were able to just enjoy each others' company. Like you though, I sure did miss my little oens!

    By the way, you mentioned that Tula was napping great. I remember you posting about sleep a while back and you seemed to have it down. So I have a question for you. Sawyer is a great sleeper at night but will only nap during the day if you are holding him or if he's riding in the car. The minute we try to lay him in his crib, he cries bloody murder until you pick him up. I tried to let him "cry it out" yesterday and he cried for an hour. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


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