Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Perfect Day

With all the rain this weekend... I am left enjoying the perfect weather memories of Friday. Friday was my perfect day!! High 70's, low 80's... plenty of sunshine... and the smallest breeze. We had an excellent evening knowing that it was a 100% chance of rain the rest of the weekend. After a great day of school with two recesses soaking up the sun, and our family played outside from 4-8 when we got home!

Mowing the grass earlier this week to get ready for a good weekend! Ivy rides the whole yard with Daddy, it is a special time :)

Sitting on the back porch with Jack.... I think Ivy is saying "It's okay, Jackie." He is afraid when he hears other people mowing.
We even ate dinner on the patio because we couldn't bear to go inside!

Loving the MILLIONS of flowers that bloom this time of year! Including a vine of strawberries... they should be ready soon!

McDonald's Ice Cream Cone.... a favorite treat on the way to the park!

Playing at the park til bedtime :)
What a perfect spring day!!!
I must say as much as I don't love all the rain we have had this weekend... I have been super productive doing all the things that I don't like to do when I'd rather be outside.


  1. What a sweet day! With summer on its way, there will be lots more of these good times. Love, love, love the summer!

  2. Friday was beautiful --- I'm glad you all got a chance to soak it up. I love all the pics...and the new background!!

  3. I miss KY!!! I don't miss the gray sky's or the endless days of rain

  4. Friday was great weather, and sounds like you all enjoyed every second of it!

  5. It was the perfect day! Of course the rest of the weekend was perfect if you were a duck! I can't wait for summer and long days at the pool or park! Let's hope that election day is a day just like Friday. ZOO here we come!


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