Monday, May 24, 2010

Mommy-Daughter Movie Night

On Friday, Ivy and I had our FIRST EVER mommy and daughter movie night. It was so much fun!! Daddy was going to be gone camping, so I wanted to plan something special. I told Ivy we could go eat anywhere.... we went to Fazoli's (her choice)! Then I told her we were going to the movie store to get a princess movie to watch. She LOVED Blockbuster and was so excited to see the Ariel movie. Ariel is her favorite Disney princess without ever seeing The Little Mermaid. I told her that we would watch it on the couch and snuggle with our PJ's on. I also asked her if she wanted to pop popcorn.... and of course Miss Opinionated had a request.... CHEESE popcorn. I didn't know she had ever had or seen cheese popcorn but she informed me, "Yes, Mommy, I know cheese popcorn. It's orange!" So cheese popcorn it was!
We had a great evening together and hope to continue the Friday night tradition of family movie nights. I love knowing that a 2 year old can feel like a princess with a meal at Fazoli's, renting a movie, and having CHEESE popcorn on the couch with her PJ's on!
It was fun but we were glad our Daddy was home the next evening and we have already invited him to our next movie night!!


  1. Treasure these times that she can be entertained with the little things. Glad you had fun!

  2. Aw that is so cute. She looks like she loved it. :)

  3. Movie nights are so much fun!!

  4. How sweet and what a great tradition to start! So did she sit through the entire movie? We tried (unsuccessfully) with Colin several months ago and he lost interest after about 10 minutes. Maybe it was the content more than his attention span though?

    Ivy is cute as a button!

  5. So cool. I know my sister in law has dates with her little boys and they are so sweet.

    These days are very precious for Ivy, especially with another little one coming along.

    BTW, how are you feeling?

  6. Danielle~ she sits through most of a movie while being a mommy to her babydolls!! That never stops :) We just started being able to do that a month ago. She has watched Snowwhite, Tinkerbell, and now Little Mermaid!
    Amber~ Feeling good! :)

  7. So fun. Must be so cool to be with her and watch her when she experiences a first like that.

  8. Movie nights are great! Glad you guys had some fun girl time! :)


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