Monday, May 31, 2010

Brave at the Lake

This weekend we enjoyed time at Barren River Lake with my family. My Uncle Paul and Aunt Dee are so gracious to host everyone at their lake house and we love every minute of it. We ate lots of yummy meals, talked on the deck for hours, soaked up the sun in the yard and on the boat, and overall had a great time! Ivy was in a rare form.... I feel like I should whisper it.... she was BRAVE! I was actually a little nervous to take her out on the boat for fears that she would scream bloody murder (even though she LOVED it last time). Over the last few months, she has learned to be scared of... EVERYTHING. She screams about bugs, being alone, loud noises... she refuses to ride small ponies, jump in bouncy houses, or talk to strangers... she is definitely different then the once brave little Ivy!

However, this weekend was like old times! You will have to wait to see the pictures to see all the bravery Ivy exuded on this trip....

Hanging out with the fam!

On the way to the dock.... they stepped up on a copper head!! AHHHH! So scary! It is now headless in this cage. Ivy watched it all and was very curious about examining the headless snake in it's cage. She kept saying "I see his face over there!"

The girls going on rides in the gator... Ivy was able to join the big girls when Greg volunteered to go along too!

Cornhole tournament!!

Grandpa in action.... Greg and Dane were declared the winners!

Click to enlarge.... and guess who is on the tube? Ivy went tubing because she WANTED to!! We couldn't believe she followed through with this request and she even swam in the lake water for awhile. WOW! Maybe the brave Ivy is back!


  1. Aww, loved looking at the pics and hearing about your trip -- I wish it would have worked out for us to go, but hopefully next time! I'm glad Ivy was brave and got to enjoy tubing again this time!

  2. Aunt Esie,
    This was my very FIRST time tubing! Last time I was brave enough to ride the "water mo-mo" and swim in the water. We missed you and Unc a lot but can't wait to play at the beach. My mommy is thinking about paying you all to drive me to the beach. I am NOT a good carrider!

  3. That's great that she was a brave girl!! Bailey has been doing the same things, being scared of nearly everything...this gives me hope!

  4. Way to go Ivy! We used to frequent the state parks when I was kid and I remember Barren River being one of my favorites.

  5. Great pictures--loved spending time with you all at the lake!

  6. Looks like fun. I have been wanting to go to the lake so bad.

    BTW, I am having a small give away on my blog that you will probably be interested in.

  7. This looks like a very fun lake weekend! Hope you are enjoying summer break :)


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