Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Green Thumb... maybe??

Ivy's Meemaw buys her a lot of at home craft kits.... that require mommy help!! We always enjoy them when we do them but finding the time is difficult. Well, being rained in for 48 hours this weekend was the perfect time to bring out the planting sets and see if our child has a green thumb like her Meemaw. Meemaw has a thriving garden that produces beautiful vegetables. She has pots of herbs growing on her back porch. Not to mention she has a flowers that return year after year and create a meadow effect along her front walkway. So this weekend we decided to find out if Ivy will in fact inherit that gene.... only time will tell!!

First we planted the little colorful pots with flower seeds! Ivy loved pushing in the seeds and she didn't mind dirt in the small amounts..... then we mixed the big bowl of soil for the vegetables and her tune changed!
I tried to get Ivy to help stir, but she turned the HUGE bowl of dirt over to her daddy and continued to repeat, "This is ascusting!" If you don't speak toddler... she thought it was disgusting! :)

Once the dirt was in the cups she was excited to plant green bean seeds, pepper seeds, and tomato seeds. All of these plants are basking in the sun on the back porch this week. We already have sprouts from the flowers and can't quite see any with the vegetables yet. If Ivy has a green thumb.... like we hope.... we should be able to plant these into the ground or bigger pots in the next few weeks!


  1. I'm loving all the craftiness!

  2. Very fun! Bailey planted some sunflower seeds in the same little pots, but they all blew over outside and we've never replanted them. Hope you all have a little green thumb in the family!

  3. So fun! Those pictures are adorable!


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