Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow Days

Ivy looks at last years pictures of playing in the snow and gets excited.... so once the snow fell on the grass this year she knew what that meant- we were getting bundled up and going out to play. She was more than ready to pull out her little blue sled. We were thankful for this blanket of snow to give us a few days of cuddling in the house and taking our little snow bunny on a winter adventure!

Anticipating the great outdoors!!

Ready to have fun with Daddy....

Tired and cold after a few sleigh rides around Lefty Loop!


  1. What a cute little snow bunny!!

  2. Too cute! Sarah, being the photographer was probably the better job that day---a few trips pulling Ivy in the sled around Lefty Loop in freezing temps...whew!

  3. Looks like a fun snow day! I hope to enjoy many more... maybe not this year though! haha :)


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