Sunday, May 17, 2009

Anthony's Graduation

On Saturday, we went to Cincinnati to see my brother walk graduation and then we had a little party with Chelsea's family afterwards. Including Anthony, Chelsea's family had 4 people graduating from CCU. When they asked for alumni to stand up to be recognized during the ceremony .... I swear Chelsea's whole family stood up! We are thankful for their love of Cincinnati Christian University. Because of that they forced Chelsea to go there for one year, knowing she would not choose a major at that school. In that time Anthony and her met, fell quickly in love, and wah-lah I gained an amazing sister in law. It is all part of God's plan! Anyways, here are some photos capturing the day!

Very dark- but this is Anthony giving his valid-dictorian (I do not know how to pronouce or spell this- but you get the point) speech! Yep, he's basically a genius and for this I am very thankful that I came first as to not be compared to him!

My parents so proud of their graduate!

Unc and Ivy (with a very rotten face!)

Ivy adoring Baby Lila- with her precious painted toes. She was so excited to "hold" the baby.

The whole fam~ A couple things I must point out:
a. Chelsea and I are wearing matching prints... great minds think alike!
b. Greg and I are VERY SHORT!
c. Ivy is still showing her very rotten face!

The three-some! hahaha - that is just for you, Chelsea!

All of Unc and Esie's neices and nephews!

Dad and Anthony in deep laughter... what is wrong with this picture?
They are standing on a huge clif with my child.... Don't think so!

Ivy with her Pops and Unc!

The lovely graduate and his bride!

Mommy and Ivy (again, notice the face!)


  1. Congrats to your brother! Valedictorian - that's pretty impressive. Your dad and brother look JUST alike!

  2. I know I'm your mom, but you are pretty smart yourself--and I do believe you have a touch more "walking around sense" than your brother (sorry, Anthony!) However, the spelling gene somehow missed you--thanks to Colin's mom above for the "valedictorian" correction.

  3. Oh, I know that face ALL TOO WELL! :) Congrats to your brother, that is very impressive!! And I love your dress, too cute.


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