Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pizza & Popsicles

Last night we went to Georgetown to visit the Becketts. Ivy had been talking about going to see Baby "Bayden" all day and she was quite shocked to see that he wasn't too much smaller than her. He could toddle, jabber, and play with his own toys! At first Ivy wasn't sure about this but once she warmed up they had a great time. They played, hugged, ate pizza, slurped popsicles, and giggled at one another. As I say each time we get together.... the 10 months between them is closing. I can't wait until this summer when they are running around together and next summer when they will truly be able to communicate. Not only did Brayden and Ivy have fun- but it was great to catch up with our friends. Ashley offers so much encouragement about next year. She teaches second grade and is getting her masters and truly has found balance. She gave me some tips about how to manage full time with a baby and I felt so encouraged by her. It is hard to not be consumed with the overwhelmed feeling I felt when Ivy was a newborn. But I am comforted by the fact that she is bigger and she has a great time at her babysitters. I know that being with other kiddos (without me hovering) will give her balance. And most of all I can look around and see so many people (including myself) who turned out to be smart, independent, and very much loved children who had working parents! But again Ashley, thanks so much for your positive attitude and for sharing your working mommy ways with me!
Here are some pics to capture our evening:

A pic of the Mommies without the babies!

Rocking in Brayden's rocking chair.

Enjoying popsicles after pizza.

Showing off the stickers on their foreheads... what silly babies!

This was quite the game that Ashley had going with Ivy. Ivy was still talking about it this morning. Ivy would run through the kitchen with Ashley chasing her... then she would scoop her up and run her back to the couch. Ivy was very determined that she only wanted "Ashee" and "Dew" could not play!! Then she would shout "Again!" Ashley said this was just the workout she needed to get bikini ready!


  1. It is great to have friends that are "on the same page" as you. Cherish that friendship! You can really be a support to each other.

  2. I loved you all coming to visit! Ivy always amazes me with how well behaved and smart she is. Once you get in your routine of teaching full-time you will feel confident about it all. Just getting in the mindset (for me) was one of the hardest parts. And I have learned the biggest lesson is that I leave school at school and except for meeting days I get the hay out of here. :)

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time! You will be a wonderful working mommy so don't worry!

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  5. It looks like you all has so much fun. Man, everyone is growing up SO MUCH!!! You are going to be a GREAT working mom. PS- Ashley is ALWAYS ready for bikini season...lucky lucky girl.

  6. terri~ i totally agree... Ashley is already ready for a bikini! post baby i don't believe i will ever be ready again :)


Thanks for your encouragement as I travel through this season of life called mommyhood!