Saturday, May 9, 2009

Farewell to Friends!

Greg, Aaron, and Jake exhausted from putting in LONG hours for their last week of school!
This week we had a farewell dinner with some of Greg's great friends and their fiances. I don't know if you know anyone in the landscape architecture, architecture, and/or interior design programs at UK but they put in VERY long hours for a class called studio for 5 years. Aaron, Jake, and Greg have probably spent more time together in the last four years than they have spent with their own families. They are all so excited to be out of school but they will miss all the time they had with one another. We were sad as we said farewell to Jake and his fiance (almost wife), Megan. They are moving to Minnesota this week. But they have good things coming: a wedding, a new job, and a new house! Greg is so thankful that Aaron will be staying in Lexington for the time being, and all the boys will be together again for Aaron and Erica's wedding this July. I am thankful that Greg met such good guys at UK and I know they have formed life long friendships!

To Greg, Jake, and Aaron:
You all did it.... you are finally finished!


  1. oh my gosh i forgot...that happened today didn't it! did he walk today? greg, you're the man!

  2. Hey Sarah! Colin found my necklace at Two Chicks in Company. I love it. It has a small circle with his birthstone and then another circle with a cross....hard to explain, but I love it. Happy Mother's Day to you and Miss Ivy will have to come over and hold Camden soon.

  3. Congrats to them all. And congrats to you for enduring all of the time alone!!!!


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