Saturday, April 18, 2009

Smorstad News Update

Well, I have been quite the neglectful blogger this past week. Truth be told- I have had houses on the brain and been pretty non-functioning in all other departments. But we have had some exciting news in the Smorstad family that I must share.

A. Greg will officially graduate from UK in 21 days!!!

B. Even more importantly, he has been offered a job at Clotfelter Samokar, an architecture firm in Lexington when he currently interns. Yay to my outstanding hubby!

We are still waiting for some "official" things to take place but he has been assured that he will be employed full time come graduation. We feel so blessed for him to have found a job in such terrible economic times and even better it is in Lexington!!!! For those of you that don't know- Greg has talked about moving me to places like Oregon, Washington, and even Canada so you can imagine that I am thrilled to be right here in the bluegrass!

C. I told my principal that I will not be returning to teach next year. Now, this was not as easy as I thought it would be. I have shared with you before that I was scared that I no longer had a passion for teaching. Through, lots of prayer God revealed something even more shocking. I simply do not have a passion for teaching part time. In other words, I don't like to share- haha, typical first child syndrome!! Part of the love that I had for my job was MY classroom and MY students. In the jobshare situation I lost a lot of ownership. I am so thankful that I have rekindled my love for the classroom and overjoyed to confidently say I will be back one day. But when I am back, I will be the only teacher in my classroom. In the meantime, I am going to be a teacher to my own children and fully serve my husband. I am going to complete my master's during my time off. And I will go back when God so willingly sends me. I know that I am called to be 3 things: a wife, a mother, and a teacher and I will answer to all of those things in my lifetime.

D. All of the above brings us to our current topic: HOUSES!

This was our first love of house hunting!

I have been doing the house hunting thing since November. I have scoped out what we want, don't want, and what our family absolutely needs. I have looked in Nicholasville, Wilmore, and Lexington. I have looked at a range of houses in age, price, and size. And we have come to a couple of conclusions. Here they are (I am in a list making sort of mood... can you tell??):

* We love an old house with amazing wood floors. We love the character. We love the trees. We love that it is the polar opposite of what he live in now!

*We don't like that old houses need more fixing up than we can afford.

*We don't like that old houses usually mean old neighbors... we love old people but would like the have a kid friendly neighborhood!

*We don't like that old houses typically come with 1 bathroom- a downsize from what we have now.

*We don't like that old houses have gas heat. THIS IS EXPENSIVE! We got a quote on the house above that we are so in love with that they pay on average $190/month on gas and electric. This is $120 more than we pay a month for electric. So even though this house is on the lower end of the price range we would make up for it with this one hefty bill.

*We have now decided we are open to newer homes.

*This house hunting process makes me a little crazy. Friends, I mentally move my family into several houses a week. I place my furniture, paint the walls, and birth a few more kiddos. I do any fixing up needed and I grow older in these houses. I lose sleep. Then one little problem comes- and snap I am mentally homeless! It is a whirlwind of emotions but in the end it will be worth it!

*We have zero desire to build a house unless we are headed for a divorce. haha- seriously, I don't believe I could handle the stress of building from scratch.... even with my calm counterpart.

*We are now looking back in all the regions- Nicholasville, Wilmore, Lexington.

*House hunting has come full circle.

So I hope you feel a little more up to date on our life! (As if you, my 3 blog readers care or you haven't already heard the details 10 times over, sorry mom!!!) I will continue to let you know how house hunting is coming along. And hopefully, my next post will be full of mommy musings and cute snap shots of Ivy!

ps- I have just mentally moved into an adorable ranch in the sweet subdivision of Lou Carlton! It has the country feel of Jessamine County... and is really out in the county not in the heart of Nich-vegas! Kayla, do you want to be neighbors? haha, I hope I am not moving out tomorrow!

Going to bed tonight... I will be dreaming of this little number! Hopefully really dreaming, not painting walls and building swingsets :)


  1. You make me tired---:) Your house is out there somewhere!

  2. We've been searching for a house for about 7 months now and boy it can be exhausting! I completely do the same thing with each house we look at! We decided newer was better, too. :)

    Good luck and congratulations on all the new and exciting things going on in your lives!

  3. I am a blog reader and I wasn't up to date on any of the news!
    1. I am so excited Greg got a job! What an answered prayer!
    2. Pumped you aren't going to teach next year. (and jealous!)
    3. excited for your house hunting...what about G-town?? j/k :)

  4. Sarah,
    That is a really cute house and a great neighborhood. Our friends Nate and Stef live there! I loved reading through your blog and have missed checking in on you all week. Sound crazy? Congrats to your hubby....and good luck finding the perfect home!

  5. The good thing is you already have 4 posts, so at least you know more than 3 people read your blog.

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!! I am excited that God has answered your prayers and that the Smorstad family will remain in the Bluegrass. I am also excited that you will get to be a full time mom, as I pray one God will bless me with the same opportunity.

    OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH how I feel your emotional pain when it comes to house hunting!! I had one house ready to move into and was basically sleeping there in my dreams, but the offer did not work out. We'll keep looking and I am sure we will both find a house we can call home.

  6. love the house in Lu Carlotn... is that Leah Mesquoda's house???? She is in MUMS? let me know... if not I know hers is for sale and they are anxious to move... they are relocating to SC!

  7. That is awesome that Greg got a job!

    I am glad I am not the only one who spends countless hours moving us into a new home each week. We will be moving at the end of the year and I already found houses in all of our possible options (Cali, Oregon, Virginia, DC, South Carolina, and Dayton)! I paint the walls in my sleep too:)

    Good luck with your search, it is exhausting, but oh so much fun!

  8. Congrats on everything!!! Looking for a house is exhausting and fun all at the same time! We looked for a long time before we finally found our house. What about Georgetown?? :)

    Also congrats on staying home:) It is great:)

  9. couple of things...

    this is hilarious. it's crazy how alike we are. i get mentally hooked on stuff too (often things that are much less important than house hunting) and can't sleep because of it!

    i like the house you are looking at now A LOT!

    and finally, if napoleon dynamite was to make up a name of the place he was going to be employed at, i'm pretty sure he would choose "hockfelter somokar." hilarious name.

  10. Sarah,
    I really enjoyed this post! I am so excited for you guys! Yay for Greg getting a job and yay for looking at houses! It is very stressful--and I completely agree on the "old" house charm. There are perks and disadvantages to both. You will find exactly what God wants you to have -- just be patient. Is Gtown not in your options for moving? It would be wonderful to be close enough for playdates :) I will be praying for you guys during this time of transition and like I said before YAY!

  11. Ashley, Jackie, and Brooke~ You all are cracking me up with the g-town persuasion! We looked some there but it is far away from Greg's job (on the S. end of Lexington). That is also where both of our families live. I would love to be closer for the sake of playdates too :)

  12. So many fun and exciting things happening at once!! I'm so excited (ok, maybe a little jealous) that you're going to get to stay home with Ivy now. You all will have such a good time together. And hopefully in about 2 more years I'll know your excitement about your husband being done with school! House hunting can be stressful, but worth it in the end. Good luck and let me know if I can help in any way!


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