Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Fancy Girl

I have to admit.... Greg and I are not very fancy. We like jeans, soft shirts, and comfy shoes. I was super anti-fancy clothes when Ivy was a baby. I wanted her to soft and cuddly not itchy and stiff! But now that she is bigger and has quite the girly personality, I feel it is only right to give Ivy a chance to be fancy every now and then! She was too funny because as soon as she put on her dress she started posing and prancing around the room. She continued saying she was "ready to go!" I may be a bit partial, but she did look oh, so precious in her fancy clothes.

Ivy and Daddy eating a quick grill cheese sandwich before Easter service at church.

Ivy posing in her dress~ so sweet!

Cardigan on and she is ready to go!


  1. my heart is melting... she is adorable:) can't wait to see you all Thursday:)

  2. She is so cute! I love her smile in the picture with her daddy.


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