Friday, April 10, 2009

Child of the 21st Century

Ivy has become a chatter box! She says too many funny things for me to remember but yesterday she really let us know she was a child of a tech-generation. Greg and I both have i-pods that we really only use when we work out and on a docking station in the car. Ivy never sees us using them with the headphones and clipped on our pockets but randomly yesterday she claimed an "eye-uh-pod" is what she wanted. She started saying "eye-uh-pod" from the moment she woke up from her nap. I gave her several other things thinking she surely wasn't requesting an i-pod. Sure enough the girl knew exactly what she wanted and how to work it. She got the i-pod, put in down her pants (we fixed it for the photo), and put the headphones by her ears and demanded "Ivy moozic pees". She was not satisfied until she was jamming (on a very low volume.... for fear she might go deaf) to some Alicia Keys. We had to hide the i-pod when it was time for dinner but this morning she woke up fully remembering her need for the "eye-uh-pod." This is a picture of her waiting for Mommy to make breakfast while listening to her "moozic."


  1. Too cute! Yesterday, our 4 year old Caroline had soccer. On the way home, she announced her coach had an i-phone just like Daddy. It is unbelievable what they pick up on - she probably knows more than I do about his i-phone!

  2. Too cute! Ava tells me she is checking email:)

  3. That is hilarious! She is too cute!


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