Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Routine...

Ivy has a new morning routine.
1. Wake Up
2. Change Diaper
3. Cup of Milk
4. "Nommies off"
*She sheds her clothes a enjoys playing in just her diaper. This has been part of the routine for a while and it's never been a problem. I love seeing her little diaper butt run around. (or big booty according to Unc and Esie!)

But today she added a next step as she ran in the kitchen yelling "Nakeee girl" this is what I saw:
5. Nakeee Girl!

She now thinks she can run around naked as a jay bird. Which wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't scared she was going to pee all over the place!!! But with that little problem, her booty must be diapered at all times.
Re-diapering followed after this picture. It was not pretty!
ps- As I took her picture she held up her imaginary camera and said "Cheese, Mommy!" She is such a silly girl!


  1. Very cute! Bailey loves to run around naked after bath time now. What silly little girls we have :)

  2. My dad to this day calls me "j-bird" because I used to run around naked.

    I am glad my mom didnt have a blog to post a picture though, Ivy will kill you for this one of these days! But for now, we can all see how adorable she is :)

  3. haha i just picture her little voice saying, "nommies off" and "nakee girl." so cute.

  4. Ha Ha. SO funny! Ava is doing the same thing right now. She is totally naked:)

    It is so cute that she is pretending to have a camera in the picture!

  5. hahaha... That is so cute! Ella has been adding a nakey stage to her nightly routine! She wants it all off to get in bed! How funny :)

  6. She is so cute! Don't you just love those chubby toddler bellies?!


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