Sunday, April 12, 2009

Coloring Easter Eggs

We celebrated Easter with our friends on Friday afternoon. In the midst of the big thunderstorm Ivy, Rantz, and Cam dyed eggs for the first time. Ivy and Rantz had more fun dying the newspaper and their hands but Cam was really into the eggs. He made some with 2 colors and was patient while the eggs were in the dye. As Ivy gets older I think she will enjoy things like this but at 20 months she continued to tell me "color" and "go play". She was funny! However, for the 20 minutes of egg dying fun we had a great time :)

Cam showing off his colored hands!

Rantz didn't want to be photographed! He smashed about 10 eggs during the dying process. He loved seeing his Mommy react as he threw the eggs in the floor. Check out his blue hand!

Ivy waiting for her "bue" egg. Blue is her current favorite color! She identifies almost everything (blue or not) as being "bue!!!!" She gets so excited :)

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  1. Cute kiddies! I didn't even attempt to dye eggs with Kaylan this year - I'm awful! Maybe next year!

    Happy Easter to you guys!


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