Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Day

Ivy woke up.... out of her bed she followed a trail of eggs to her Easter basket.

She tested out one pink peep and was ready to have fun with green play dough pre-breakfast.

After taking a walk, and singing and dancing our praises to our Lord Jesus, we sat down to read the real story of Easter. Ivy sang her own rendition of "Jesus Loves Me".

Then we had a wonderful Easter meal at Nana and Pops' house. It was wonderful for both families to come together to celebrate Jesus.
Here is Ivy and her Memaw and Pawpaw- very distracted by their camera.

Ivy and her Nana and Popsh. (she enunciates the "sh" on the end of Pops)
She was declaring that it was time for the festivities to come to an end by yelling "Nap, nap, nap!" over and over again until a major melt down took place.
(I suppose we should have listened to the signs sooner!)
We want Ivy to know that Easter is not about:
egg hunts,
big bunnies,
"belly jeans",
colored eggs,
goodie baskets,
or even
fancy dresses....
Easter is not about any of that.
Easter is about the death of our Lord Jesus.
He died for us.
Our sins, mine and yours and Ivy's too, are nailed to His cross.
And He rose again, up from the grave He arose.
He offers us grace.
He offers us forgiveness.
We are given the gift of eternal life.
We will not die.
But we will LIVE... with Him... in Heaven... with all that He promises in His paradise.
And what do we have to do?
What do you have to do?
Believe in Him.
Believe His promise.
Accept Him to be your Lord and Savior.
Have faith in Jesus Christ and you don't have to die but instead live in Heaven, in paradise, with Him forever and ever and ever.
I am so thankful in His promises this Easter and every day. I am so thankful that a father sent his son to die for me so that I can be free from the guilt of my sins. I am a sinner but because of Him I am free and cleansed. Thank you, Jesus, for your grace.


  1. I love your Easter traditions for Miss Ivy. All those pix are priceless! I'm so sorry I worried you, we freaked out quite a few people. We were having a difficult time hearing the message last night so we went to bldg B. Plus I sat on a couch and put my feet up, so nice. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Preach it sister!! Maybe you and Anthony can team teach :)

    Seriously, I am very thankful my children personally know a loving Jesus. I am thankful, too, that Ivy is growing up in a Christian home. What a blessing! You and Greg are wonderful parents.

    Happy Easter my dear!

  3. Mama Smors throwin' it down via blogspot! Love it. It looks like Ivy had an awesome easter!

  4. Looks like she had so much fun! It is great being a parent!

  5. Bloggin the Word! You go girl!


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