Sunday, March 29, 2009

Adventures at the Newport Aquarium

Ivy had been talking about going to see the fish for two weeks. We were so excited and couldn't wait to get there. We actually arrived at Newport 15 minutes before it even opened. Ivy loved looking out at the "boats"/floating restaurants while we waited on the fish!!!

Once we got in~ it was full excitement and curiosity. Ivy was on the go non-stop until she crashed back into the stroller after 2 hours.

*Unc and Ivy took a picture to compare themselves with the shark!

*We saw the penguin parade... that I was so excited for~ Turns out it was ONE penguin in a wagon! Good thing Ivy was satisfied because Mommy knew better than to call that a parade. :)

*Esie and Ivy took a picture in front of the whale. We were all talking about how Jonah must have felt inside of the whale's belly! It was decided that the Bible left out how disgusting that would be.

*Mommy and Daddy loved the painting in the frog area. I wanted to take a matching picture in front of the orange flowers!

*Daddy and Ivy loved the sharks flying over their heads. Chelsea and I were amazed that they weren't eating all the littler fish in the tank.

* I wished I could have had my 1st graders at the penguin exhibit. We just studied all about penguins in January.
They are so cute- the way they hopped in and out of the water was my favorite!

*Unc was brave enough to pet a shark.... We all were amazed that he would participate in such risk taking behavior! But he didn't actually stick his hand in the tank until after interrogating the poor boy working the shark pool in good old fashioned Anthony style!

* Ivy was sure to point out the bugs on the wall... her current obsession. (*Take note I look a tad preggers in that picture.... I hope it is the stripes/arched back combo.... but I am certainly not expecting another little bit!!*)

* We did have one paci-needing incident when a little boy attempted to fight Ivy for the blue frog :) It was funny to see someone give her a run for her money! A little paci fix along with Daddy's cuddles cured the problem all together and she waited her turn with the infamous blue frog.


  1. That looks like so much fun!

    I love your hair color Sarah! So cute.

  2. What a fun trip! I can't wait to take Bailey this summer.

  3. The aquarium is so fun! I'm glad you guys enjoyed it so much :)


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