Thursday, March 12, 2009

Video Day At the Smorstad's

Ivy has not understood the sudden weather change.... so we decided to pretend it was still warm by enjoying a popsicle (Thank you, Meemaw for the juice catcher!) inside instead of feeling like one outside! She is leaving the dream~ watching her favorite show and eating a summer treat. We will keep dreaming the spring weather will return soon!

PS~ Dear Unc and Esie, we can't wait to see you and go to the aquarium!! It will be so soon! Love~ Ivy

I really didn't get a good video of what I was wanting... can you guess??(I only said~ can you spell your name- 100 times!) Haha.... she is spelling her name everytime that she scribbles with a pen! You got to hear the I... V.... but she was too busy to give you the Y. Ivy is a pretty easy name to spell so I am certain she will have that down pat by the time kindergarten comes around! She is learning so much~ so fast!! Colors, numbers, letters, galore.... they are such little sponges at this age and it is so much fun to teach her. :)


  1. Oh, she is just SO cute and such a smart little thing! Spelling her name and identifying colors! I just love her. I hope Kaylan will be as smart as sweet Ivy.

  2. She's a cutie! Isn't it fun to watch your little girl learn so much :) I enjoy it everyday!

  3. What a smart little girl! And I love the popsicle holder, what a great idea!

  4. haha that popsicle holder is great. i need to get me one of those. also, that blown kiss to me was extravagant! i also find it hilarious that she is already hooked on ellen. cant wait to squeeze that little girl in a week.

  5. Ivy is such a big girl now! It's hard to believe how fast it goes by. That popsicle thing is so fun!


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