Sunday, March 1, 2009

Family Dinner Date

Ivy and I spend a lot of time during the week with Diana, Vada, and Stella. We love to go to storytime at the library, have lunch dates, and play with lots of toys. However, the daddy's are usually pretty busy and don't get to join the fun! This weekend we decided it was long overdue to get everyone together. I believe the last time we got the families together was this summer (we enjoyed yummy Kona!). So the Bower's came over, we ate lasagna, and played until Ivy crashed for bed time. It was so much fun! Tom and Greg got to catch up and the mommies got to talk while Ivy was entertained by Stella and Vada. These girls are going to have a great time growing up together! (Diana, our hypothetical sons will be best friends too!!) I am so thankful for this friendship. We always enjoy time spent with the Bower clan!

The girls being silly with lots of hair bows!! Vada definitely knows how to do the all natural "cheese".... Stella and Ivy still overdue it just a bit! haha

We were exhausted and decided to take a "nap" in Ivy's bed!
Overall, it was a great time and Diana and I are promising to plan these Family Dates more often!
On a side note, Ivy wanted to say "thank you" to Emily for this pretty red dress. Since Mommy can't post pictures on facebook, Emily has to visit the blog to see this pretty picture!


  1. I love the pictures, they turned out so cute! We really did have a fabulous time last night. Can't wait to do it again. We'll just take turns hosting and it will be a blast. And poor Greg is welcome at our house anytime to watch Man vs. Wild!

  2. you are too funny to give up are a strong woman!!! i don't think i could do that!!! Amber Hawes

  3. looks like you all had fun! love all the bows

  4. Looks like you all had a blast! I talk with my friends about my "hypothetical" sons too! How funny! Tell Diana I would love to read her blog, but it is blocked to invited readers only.

  5. Looks like so much fun! And Ivy is absolutely precious in that last photo!!

  6. Hey girl, I hope IVY is well again soon. I missed you tonight, but will be lifting up you all this week. Keep me posted, since your off facebook for 40 days!!!


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