Sunday, March 15, 2009

Friday Fun

On Friday evening we had a great time with the Beckett's and the Fraley's. We were excited to all get together.... it had been way too long! Brayden had gotten so big and was having fun crawling all over the place. He didn't enjoy some of Ivy's girly toys but he liked Elmo- A LOT! He also like banging the tea set dishes to make lots of noise. Ivy was enthralled with Baby Brayden. She followed him around and was very gentle. I was sort of nervous about her being too rough but she did GREAT! I think her week of aggressive behavior paired with the same week we kept our paci in the bed- she was angry and taking it out on everyone! Since that week, she has done much better at using her soft hands :) THANKFULLY! Ivy was so excited to see Nick. She talks about Nick all the time... I think she has a crush on him. Any time my phone rings she thinks it is Ayla or Nick (which is funny- because Nick and I don't talk on the phone)!! Here are some pics of our evening:

Brayden talking with Elmo!

Ivy and her buddy, Nick, doing the fist bump! Anytime we talk about Nick she holds out her fist... too funny!


  1. we loved coming over! I miss you all so much! Thanks for sharing Ivy's toys and she was so good with him! Even when he was not understanding how to be gentle she was so good!

  2. i just can't wait to see her!!!!!!!!!

  3. looks like you all had so much fun! How cute that Ivy has a crush on Nick!!!


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