Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kentucky Girl

You know Ivy is a good 'ol Kentucky Girl when.........
She is thinking she might like a lil sip of Ale 8.

And she decided she wanted a try....

And the story ends with a brand new Ale 81 LOVER, who is a little too young to have her own but Daddy is willing to share!!!!

PS- You may notice Ivy has a crazy 80's style pony tail in the past 2 posts! This is her new look that she fully embraces by bringing you the "pony" each morning (still clad in her nommies). Then she rocks the side pony all day long, loving her hair out of her face! Lastly, she enjoys taking it out in the evening and enjoying good head rub before bath time. Hopefully soon it will morph into a cute little pony instead of giving off the chic punk rocker vibe!


  1. Ohh how I miss that yummy drink!! I think her hair looks adorable! We're just now entering the phase where Kaylan's hair is ALWAYS in her face.

  2. i would love to see Ivy after an entire Ale-8.... watch out world!

  3. love ale-8 and the side pony! We always rocked those!

  4. ale 8 is nasty!!! i guess you have to be born with it to love it!!! i remember cicely drinking one every morning before school started...we never did like the stuff!!! Amber
    by the way...love the pony tail!!!

  5. That is great! Matt is pretty greedy with his Ale-8's. We have family bring them down here when they come, we have about 25 cases in the garage. I love the side pony...my girls totally sport the 80's.


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