Friday, February 27, 2009

What A Baby Needs!

Seriously~ who really needs clothes or toys? Ivy would rather be running around in a diaper and playing with "trash" (i.e. toilet paper and paper towel tunnels, empty boxes, napkins, wipes... any thing she can bang on/with or shred).... Easy to please, what more could we ask for!


  1. My cute grandma saves all her paper towel, toilet paper, and wrapping paper tunnels and Kaylan and my cousin's little boy LOVE them so much! Isn't it funny the random stuff they fall in love with?

    I love Ivy's little kitchen!

  2. I keep wondering why when spend billions on the production and purchase of toys........hmmmm!!!!

  3. My son is the same way! In addition to him banging and shredding, I also have to worry about him eating it. He shoves everything in sight into his mouth. He's a thumb-sucker though so he clearly has oral issues!


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