Sunday, November 30, 2008

High Pockets like Unc

This is a special video just for Unc. Unc, your style has definitely rubbed off on Ivy girl! We had a great time with you all this weekend and wish we could have come to your church today. Love you and Chelsea both and we'll see you at Christmas.

Please ignore the spaghetti-o's all over Ivy's shirt and the craziness of the videographer.(Hopefully Santa will bring a real video cam for Christmas)!


  1. hahahaha it finally worked...i love it. you've taught her well.

    however, the first chance you get her to say "esie" or "chetchee" or any form of it on video, post it. i'm sure chels will love it.

  2. haha she even laughs right when greg pulls them up. she knows this isn't normal

  3. That's such a cute video! I bet Unc and Esie just love her!


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