Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankful for Friends

Kayla & Nick, Ashley, Drew & Brayden, Greg, Ivy & I decided to have a pre-thanksgiving meal with pizza. (We are all about the $5 pizzas!) It was great to see everyone. We haven't been able to all sit down together and visit in quite a few months. It is sometimes difficult with children, work schedules, and close knit families to find the time... but when we do, it is so worth it! Kayla, Ashley, and I could talk teaching and babies well into the evening and who knows what the boys talk about but we are just thankful that they get along. Ivy and Brayden even had their own little language of smiles, giggling, and mostly gentle touches. I am so thankful to have such excellent friends!!

The girls and Brayden :)

Family Picture~ Ivy loves her pseudo Uncle Nick and Aunt Kayla!

Ashley had just changed Brayden's diaper when Ivy dove on the blanket like it was her turn. Then she had fun holding Brayden's sweet hands.

Every time we venture to G-town, Ivy has a blast with Brayden's toys. I believe he wins the "best toy award" out of Ivy's friends. This contraption spit balls all over the place! Ivy loved it and before long Brayden will be scurrying around after all the balls too. I didn't get video of Ivy and Ashley dancing to Brayden's new CD~ but seriously, they had so much fun together!

Dear Ashley, Thanks for pulling out all you awesome toys and playing with me. I had so much fun. :) I can't wait for Brayden to be able to play with the big kid toys too! Love, Ivy


  1. sheilThank you all for coming down and bringing pizza! We LOVE to get together, and Brayden loves to share his toys. I enjoy Ivy's sweet face, and glad she can play the toys! She is such a good girl, and you all sre such good parents.

  2. I love your new blog! And I also love 5 dollar pizzas! There is a place right by Kelli's that sells tehm and it's so nice and cheap!

  3. It looks like you guys had so much fun!


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