Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Snowy Monday

Last night we got a pleasant November surprise when little flurries began to build up on our deck. I was just about to leave for Bible study when Ivy began beating on the glass door, pointing, and jabbering away. Being the Ivy whisperer (haha) I could easily tell that she wanted out to touch this mysterious white stuff. It snowed many times last winter but Ivy was too little to experience the snow. On this snowy Monday Ivy got her first feel for the snow!
(And let's just say, she was a little less than thrilled as you can tell by her facial expression in the picture with Daddy!)


  1. She looks so cute all bundled up!

  2. Love the bangs, the snow outfit and face, and the CHEESE smile! What a sweet girl!

  3. Kaiden is 3 and still freaks out about the snow...doesn't like to walk in it because it gets his shoes dirty! he's a neat freak:) i love ivy's bangs...think you made a good choice! and her winter coat is very cute!!! Amber


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