Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving: Numero Dos

On Thursday, it is our family tradition to go to Louisville to celebrate with my dad's side of the family. My aunt Dee hosts it at her house and she invites around 25 people. This year we enjoyed the gorgeous weather and got to play outside before the feast. Ivy had so much fun playing with my cousins, Harper and Shea. She was very shy around the not so familiar adults but the second she saw another little person she warmed up right away!

This was the prettiest Turkey day that I can remember! We all enjoyed the sunshine.

Greg, Anthony, and Chelsea gave it a try on the kiddie toys! I was very impressed but to scared to try my coordination out :)

Ivy gave basketball a try!

Shortly after this, Ivy and I had a girl to girl chat about basketball uniforms and the not-so-cute factor! I told her until mommy had some part in a new design that is more flattering to the female frame there would be no b-ball for her! She agrees :)

Ivy loves her cousins! They spoiled her rotten :)

Shea and Ivy reading a book.

Harper and Ivy playing on the swing set.
At the end of the night, we got one (very sleepy) Mommy and Ivy shot.

Ivy' s flexibility impressed us all. She was in such a great mood even after the road trip, being toted all over the place, taking a very short nap, and enduring lots of commotion. I am noticing that this is a bonus of her getting a little bit older- she can adjust to our plans. By the end of the evening she was exhausted but Daddy wanted to sneak in one Mommy picture before changing into her jammies and hitting the roads back to Lexington.

We have one more Thanksgiving meal tomorrow! The grand finale Turkey day post will be coming soon. Then we will be fully into the Christmas spirit!


  1. So fun :) You and Ivy look great :) Happy Thanksgiving !

  2. Ivy is so cute! I can't get over it. It looks like you all had a great Thanksgiving. :)

    and you look amazing!

  3. I love the comment about the basketball uniforms! Layni and I have the same conversations and her daddy's a basketball coach! :)


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