Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

We started our Halloween as a UK cheerleader! Ivy and her baby were wearing the same outfit thanks to Grandma. After she got dressed she kept looking at her outfit and the babies and was excited that they were matching. John Hunter (the football player)able to join my first graders at their pumpkin party. The first graders were so excited to play with the babies. Kendra and I just might have found ourselves some future babysitters. John Hunter and Ivy were so exhausted they fell asleep on the way home and took long naps to prepare for trick or treat!

So we were a cheerleader at day and a skunk by night. We dressed Ivy up as a little stinker and went around the block to trick or treat. We had quite the entourage with Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Pops, and our family. Ivy rode in the wagon and was very friendly as we went door to door. Every time someone gave her candy she immediately thought that someone was going to take it from her, so she would grab it and run back to the safe-haven of her grandparents! We had a great time.

My favorite moments from Ivy's first trick-or-treating experience~

1. The sight of her seeing that candy has indeed been put in her "purse."
2. The satisfaction of eating her first twizzler.
3. The little stinker walking all by herself- so big.... tear :(.... no really, it was so fun!
4. Ivy's shock to see Elmo jumping out of a pumpkin.
5. The way she kept looking out of the wagon with a "is this really happening" smirk.


  1. She is so cute! That skunk costume is priceless!

  2. That is so cute she liked matching her doll! I like both costumes. :)

  3. Thanks for your sweet words about Taylor! We know we are doing what is best for her little heart. Your Ivy was SOOOO cute in her cheerleader and skunk costume!


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