Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Thursday

I have been tagged again-
I am to tell you 6 things that make me HAPPY and then tag 6 people to think about the 6 things that make them HAPPY!! I am sure some of you won't play and I guess I forgive you for not jumping into the blogging world whole heartily!

I have decided to focus on the little things in life because I am sure most of you could quickly rattle off the 6 "you guessed it" things that make me HAPPY. So here it goes:

6 Things for HAPPY THURSDAY:

1. Coffee- I am not and will not ever be a morning person, but like it or not Ivy is. My cup of coffee gets me jump started and makes me much more enjoyable for Miss Ivy to be around in the a.m. I have to make it just perfect with the right amount of sweetness... yum.

2. BOYS DON'T READ THIS- Matching Panties - You read that right, I like to match my panties to my clothes. Haha! A little something about me that you didn't know. :) Next time you see me you'll probably be trying to guess what color the little darlings are. I am excited for Santa to bring me some new underoos and I will have to match them to any new shirts I get.

** Ivy shares my pantie fetish as she has walked around for 3 days with the same pair that she stole... but she likes to wear them like a necklace. (Do you love her expression?)

3. Chocolate I love chocolate morning, noon, or night and I have never found a type of chocolate that I did not thoroughly enjoy. No further explanation needed.

4. Christmas Music This week I felt that it was perfectly okay for me to bust out the Christmas music. It will be blasting in my car until Dec. 26th when I will retire it until next year. My hubby HATES Christmas music so he bans it from being played in our house unless we are decorating the tree.... which I plan to do very very soon!!

5. Giggles I love to laugh. Greg makes me laugh with his very understated humor. He is not the type that is a jokester but he says off the cuff things that get me smiling for days. Add Ivy into the picture and I pretty much laugh all the time. This might be my favorite Post Secret ever and I could have sent it in. LOVE IT and totally relate to the sender.

6. My Quiet Time Each day I have a little bit of quiet time. I am learning to use this time more productively than Facebook alone (haha). I spend time doing my Bible study (we are studying Moses' life and seeing God's faithfulness to the Israelites is really resonating in my heart), praying, resting (we all need a little shut-eye), exercising, and even cleaning. Regardless of how I use my quiet time, it is taken in.... that little dose of happiness, and cherished every single day.

So I ask you-

Kendra, Lori, Kelli, Emily, Jackie, and Ashley-

What makes you happy?


  1. That picture with Ivy and your panties...seriously hilarious. I started laughing when I saw it and Naomi asked me what was so funny? She thought it was funny too:)

  2. The picture is so funny! And I sympathize, my husband hates Christmas music too! I sometimes have to bargain to play it in the car if we're riding together!

  3. Oh i'll have to do this when I have more time! AND sarah - thank you so much for your card. I wanted to send you a formal thank you card, but it's just taken me a while. You are such a sweet loving person, and I was so thankful for that card! It really made me feel good at a time when I was needing a pick me up. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!! I will get around to that thank you card!


Thanks for your encouragement as I travel through this season of life called mommyhood!