Monday, December 1, 2008

Ivy's 15 Month Check Up

< Ivy at 16 months!!
Yes, we are a month late for the 15 month check up but insurance issues are completely to blame. I would never be a month late for anything- that is just not my style.... maybe a minute or three but a month (definitely not)!

Height: 31inches (52%)
Weight: 22 lb (28%)
Head: 46cm (45%)

The doc was really excited about Ivy and her growth! We haven't seen this doctor for a while bc she has been on maternity leave... but she remembers the days of weekly weigh ins and being too small. Those days are no longer! She is on track :) She was really excited about Ivy's speech articulation and we even had the paci talk. I really liked her encouraging words as I have been really torn over this.

Her suggestion~ at about 22 months create a special box or cup personalized for Ivy and put it on her dresser. Create a paci routine at bed and nap time. Getting the paci in and out of her special place will make leaving it in her room okay. She won't be worrying about some other baby stealing it!!! (Allie- you had good advice, this all sounded familiar!!) As far as taking it away right now, she said this is not necessary. They have so much change around their first birthday with giving up the bottle and having more independence and a paci is their source of comfort. She didn't recommend walking around with it all the time but letting her have it at times when she wants it is ok! SHoooo- what a relief! It doesn't seem like she has it too often but at the those times of day when she needs it I am happily going to offer the beloved paci.


  1. So glad the check up went well! I completely agree with the paci issues :) We can't take everything at once!!! Ivy looks adorable!

  2. I am so happy to hear I am not the only one doing weight checks all the time! Hopefully Bode will start catching up like Ivy did. :)

  3. I'm glad she said that about the paci! I already wrote on your post about the paci so you know I totally agree:)

  4. my 9 month old weighs 22lbs! (my boys are big:)) Amber :)

  5. I'm glad the check up went well! She's so cute!

  6. i'm ready for another video that involves more talking and laughing. have it on my desk by tomorrow morning. Thanks!

  7. haha~ unc is addicted to seeing ivy girl! i will try to get something for you :)


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