Saturday, December 20, 2008

Apple Bottom jeans and them CROCS with the fur....

She had that whole club looking at her....

Haha! Ivy and I got matching crocs today and I have been singing that song all day.

I am a little embarrassed to let my inner ghetto girl peek out to the blogging world!


  1. Haha! Your matching crocs are so cute! I sent you a Christmas card then found out some of our outgoing mail was stolen... So let me know if you get it sometime this upcoming week.

  2. So cute! I haven't ventured into the croc world yet, but I hear they are so comfy! We all have some inner gheto in us right? :)

  3. Oh my cute!!! I need to buy Brynn some crocs..I have some and I love them!!! I love making me & Brynn match sometimes! It's just too fun having a little girl!

  4. No shame here in blogging world...let your inner ghetto girl out! :) I always swore I'd never make my daughter match me, but I am in desperate hunt for a pair of matching rain boots for Bailey and me! Love the crocs!


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